How to Train Your Eyes to See Beyond the Deception of the Dark Forces

Authored or posted by | December 18, 2013
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The world does not work the way you have been conditioned to believe. Learn to increase your field of vision, so that you can see behind the curtain and you shall see the truth.

You were born into this world through the loving energy of your parents, because it is this energy that gives you awareness, thoughts, feelings and life. To be more accurate, this loving energy goes beyond your parents, since it is responsible for the creation of the Cosmos. The moment you decided to incarnate into a human body, the integrity of your body and mind has already been distorted, which is why you have such a hard time remembering who you are. This is due to the energy distortions in Earth’s light bodies. When the energy structures of Earth are distorted, they also affect everything that lives within Earth’s reality fields.

The distortions in the energy fields of Earth cause imbalances, which can lead to the manifestation of health disorders, emotional and mental problems, social conflicts and wars. The people who are addicted to power and control are usually the ones engineering many of these social conflicts, especially wars, racism and economic crises. A lot of them are located in high levels of the political, financial, religious and media system, because these systems are crucial for achieving power and control.

Many of these people think similar to psychopaths; therefore, they barely show remorse when others are suffering. The most powerful and influential of these people are part of a secret organization known as the New World Order (NWO). This secret organization, which is one of the main controlling systems of the dark forces, is mostly responsible for human trafficking and sacrificing, genocide, wars and the destruction of the environment.

How to train your eyes to see beyond the deception of the NWO

The leaders of the NWO are masters of deception. They are like magicians who hide behind the curtain and only come out when it is necessary. They like to stage false flags and use the media to deceive and scare you. For evidence of this, read this informative article about the Sand Hook school shootings and this shocking article that exposes the secrets of the mainstream media.

One of their favorite tricks to deceive your eyes and manipulate your mind is through the use of subliminal messages. These messages are designed to stimulate and reprogram your subconscious mind. Because they are created to target your subconscious mind, you are usually not aware of them. For this reason, subliminal messages are great for influencing how you think without your knowledge.

One of the secrets of reducing the controlling effects of subliminal messages is to become aware of how it is being used to manipulate your mind. My article titled The Hidden Truth of Subliminal Messages does a great job of exposing how subliminal messages are used to trick your eyes and manipulate your mind.

The leaders of the NWO control most of the western media outlets and they like to use them to influence how you think. The mainstream media is their favorite social engineering weapon to use to influence western cultures and create social conflicts. They like to create conflicts between us, so that they can divide us, making it easier for them to control us.

Since the dark forces like to use the mainstream media to deceive you, if you want to train your eyes to see beyond their illusions, you will need to pay less attention to their media outlets. Remember, the leaders of the NWO are masters of deception and they have a lot of “magic tricks” up their sleeves. If you want to see beyond their illusions, you need to become aware of their “magic tricks.” You also need to be aware of how they are using advanced “mind control” technology to generate harmful frequencies to interfere with the natural frequencies of your mind.

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