How to Discipline and Strengthen Your Mind

Authored or posted by | July 30, 2016
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The human mind is one of the most powerful systems of the human body. Many of us believe that the mind is part of the brain, but the mind is somewhat separate from the brain due to the fact that it is not bound to the material world. However, at the energy level, the mind, brain and body are interconnected.

Your mind is part of the intellect, self-awareness and consciousness field of who you are. This system is where thinking truly occurs. If thinking were to happen only in your brain, you would behave like an AI robot because the human brain can not tell the difference between what it sees and what it remembers. In other words, it works similar to a quantum computer chip. A quantum computer chip has the ability to process information but it can not truly think like human beings. This is similar to how your brain works.

Even though your mind is somewhat separate from your body, the vibrational rate of the energy of your mind will affect your body for the reason that they both are energetically interconnected. Thought is one of the main entities that affects the state of your mind, because it can decrease or increase the vibrational rate of your mind.

Here is an excerpt from my book Staradigm (Second Edition) that explains in a basic manner how to discipline your mind:

To discipline your mind, you need to learn how to control your thoughts and direct them toward creative intentions. A good way to start is by changing your thought patterns to support creative attitudes. Also, learn to put your mind in a state of neutrality. Being neutral while at the same time being aware of your surroundings is very important for preventing the Dark Forces from draining your energy.

A creative attitude affects your thought pattern in a constructive way. Creative thoughts combine with neutral thoughts call forth inner peace, while destructive thoughts disturb inner peace. The more creative and neutral thoughts you have, the more your mind will be at peace, reducing stress and destructive emotions. Stress and destructive emotions are two of the biggest contributors to disturbing your mind.

In some situations, creative thinking may not permanently solve problems related to stress and emotional problems. In this case, it may be wise to explore your mind more deeply to find the source of the problem.

One major misconception we have regarding destructive emotions and stress is that we believe the person or thing causing our distress is the only source of our problems. In reality, the main reason we are upset is because we do not understand our emotions. In other words, the main sources of our emotional problems are not just external but also internal.

Once we understand the root causes of our emotional problems, whenever we experience these same destructive emotions, we will not be upset by them because we will have overcome the underlying causes of our destructive emotions.

How to Know if You Have a Disciplined Mind

A great way to find out if you have a disciplined mind is to meditate. If you have a hard time calming your mind during meditation, your mind is not disciplined enough. One of the main things that prevents you from having a disciplined mind is distraction. Since you were a child, your brain and mind have been stimulated with all types of destructive subliminal and non-subliminal messages.

Many of those destructive messages are designed to hypnotize your subconscious and conscious mind by changing their thought patterns. Some of the main mediums used for doing this are TVs, computers, cell phones, music players, radio, magazines, books and newspapers. Many of the messages embedded into these mediums are designed to distract your mind and reduce the connection between your body, mind and spirit. The medium that has the most effective subliminal messages is mnemonic.

How Subliminal Messages Affect Your Mind

Subliminal messages are great for changing your thought patterns, making it easier for advertisers to condition you to buy their products. Advertising agencies are well aware of how subliminal messages work, which is why they spend millions of dollars on these types of ads. The short video below does a great job of exposing the tricks that advertising agencies like to use in their subliminal ads.

Subliminal Messages in Advertising

Why are advertising agencies so obsessed with subliminal messages? The main reason is because they want to brainwash you to think like how they want you to think. Sexual ads are some of the most popular subliminal messages, which is why they are found in most TV and magazine ads. Do you understand now why people are so addicted to sex?

Once you learn how subliminal messages work, you will eventually realize that you have been brainwashed since childhood. Many of subliminal advertisements are designed to target kids, because they are the easiest to brainwash.

How to Reverse the Effects of Subliminal Messages to Strengthen Your Mind

To start reversing the destructive effects of subliminal messages, you need to know how subliminal messages work. Watch the video below to learn some empowering knowledge about subliminal messages.

The Great Subliminal Message Deception – Full Documentary

Another method to reverse the effects of subliminal messages is to reduce the time you watch certain TV programs that are distracting. In addition, music that is distracting to the soul should be avoided as much as possible. For magazines and books, read the ones that give you knowledge of self-empowerment. These magazines and books will usually have information not found in the mainstream media as well as contain contradicting information.

When you read a book, an article, or a magazine that feels contradicting to your beliefs but at the same time feels empowering, it is usually a sign that you are on a path to cure your mind of destructive beliefs and disempowering knowledge. The reason for this is because the empowering knowledge you are learning is helping your subconscious mind unravel the blindfold that has been placed upon you since childhood.

Another technique that does a great job of helping you reverse the negative effects of subliminal messages is meditation. The art of meditation is not hard as long as you learn to reduce distractions. If you have a hard time meditating because of distracting thoughts, concentrate on your breathing, repeat a mantra or listen to meditation music. For some easy tips on how to meditate, read this article titled Five Easy Tips on How to Meditate for Beginners.

Once you learn how to use meditation to discipline your mind, you will become less stressed, your health and energy will increase, and you will have better control of your thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, you will be able to think in a higher state of consciousness, making it easier for you to find inner peace. This process will also strengthen your mind, making it harder for subliminal messages to control your mind.

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