How to Protect Yourself from Evil Spirits

Authored or posted by | February 17, 2015
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Throughout history, cultures all over the world have always shared stories about evil spirits. Is there even such a thing as an evil spirit? Proving that an evil spirit exists is very hard to do with our current technology. Because of this, we need to rely on our higher senses, such as our intuition and spiritual eye (third eye), to feel or see non-physical entities.

Spirits are energy entities

Like our bodies, spirits are made of energy. The main difference between a spirit and a human being is that a spirit doesn’t have a physical body. Our physical body is like a shell that houses our soul/spirit. In other words, each of us is a soul housed in a body. Our soul is the “driver” who animates our body into action.

Have you ever had an experience when you just fell asleep and saw yourself lifting out of your body. People often called this experience an “out of body experience” (OBE). You (the soul) leave your body all the time when your body is asleep, but you often don’t remember doing it. However, sometimes you are aware of it, which can cause you to freak out if you don’t know what is happening.

Many people like to say that OBE is a dream. Although this is true sometimes, a dream experience is just as real as a physical experience. The dream world has its own laws of physics, just like how the physical world has its own laws of physics.

The physical and dream world

The physical world or material world actually behaves more like an illusion or a dream, because when you break matter down to its fundamentals, it is made up of only energy. In other words, the solidity of matter is an “illusion.” Unlike the dream world, the laws of physics in the material world are stricter and less flexible.

This is why in the dream world, when you become aware that you are dreaming, you can take control of the creation process inside your dream. For example, when you are conscious that you are dreaming, you can fly whenever you want. When you feel like eating a food in your dream, all you need to do is think about it and focus your thought along with a strong desire for the food, and it will magically appear out of thin air. I have done both of these things in my dreams, so I know that they work.

What are evil spirits?

Like our soul, evil spirits are made up of energy. To be more specifics, evil spirits are negative thought form entities. Many people like to refer to them as demons. Like people, demons have certain desires. Some are really controlling and addicted to power.

Evil spirits have no power over you when you know how to defend your natural rights

The demons or evil spirits, who are the masters of certain secret societies, like to possess the minds of people with psychopathic personalities, especially the leaders of secret societies, and used them to help the demons to create a New World Order (NWO). The demons want to use their NWO to enslave humanity and force us to give up our energy to the demons, so that they can feed on our energy. These demons are like energy vampires who need to feed on our energy to survive.

These demons aren’t connected to the Eternal Life Current of Creation and therefore they have finite lifespan. To overcome this problem, they like to trick us into giving our energy to them as a food source. If they were immortal, they wouldn’t need to feed on our energy to survive. Their thirst for our energy is the main reason why they like to order the leaders of the NWO to engineer wars as sacrificial rituals. These wars allow them to feed on our energy in large quantities.

How to protect yourself from evil spirits

Demons or evil spirits can’t make you do anything without your CONSENT! If they make you do something without your consent, it is a violation of Natural Law, also known as the Laws of the Universe, the Laws of Nature, the Laws of the Supreme Creator, Cosmic Law, and God’s Law.

Everything in the Universe is bound to Natural Law. It doesn’t matter if it is a soul, demon, subatomic particle, atom, microorganism, planet, star, and galaxy. Evil spirits are well aware of the consequences of not obeying Natural Law, which is why they need to trick you to give them your consent. One of their favorite ways to trick you to give them your consent is through a contract.

Evil spirits (demons) often like to contact you in your dreams. If you have strong psychic senses, then they don’t have to wait until you fall asleep to contact you. One important thing you need to know about evil spirits is that they can shape shift into animals, people, angels, or any figure they want. Their main goal of doing this is to trick you to give them your consent.

If you have a strong intuition, it can help you see through their trickery; therefore, they will have a hard time tricking you to give them your consent. For a simple technique to strengthen your intuition, read my article titled Intuition Definition and a Simple Technique to Sense Your Intuition.

Here is an excerpt from my book Staradigm (second edition) that explains why demons need to trick you to give them your consent before they can do anything to you.

If the demons, the negative thought form entities who are the masters of the Controllers, do not play by the rules, they will be “spanked” by the Justice System of the Universe! Anyone who violates the rules will have to face the Justice System of the Universe too. Like they say, “karma is a bitch!”

The incredible superpowers of the Energy Forces of Nature and the Laws of Nature are why I invested so much time explaining to you how these spiritual powers work. By learning how they work and using them wisely, they will help you to become a light warrior, a spiritual being with great vitality, courage, virtue and wisdom!

Once you know who you are and the rules of the “game,” then there is no need to be afraid of the Dark Forces anymore. However, be aware that the Dark Forces are master magicians, and thus they will do their best to trick you into giving up your freedom, sovereignty and spiritual powers to them.

Remember, you have the power of love, thought and consciousness inside you. These are the same powers that Creation (the Prime Creator) used to create the Universe! Learn how to use these spiritual powers wisely and the Dark Forces will not be able to dissolve your freedom, sovereignty and natural rights.

When you learn how to use the powers of Natural Law to defend your natural rights, it is like having your own superpowers! Evil spirits are well aware of the incredible power of Natural Law, which is why they have to trick you to give up your natural rights to them before they do anything to you.

So, whenever evil spirits visit you in your dream, which they usually like to do when you are in the process of drifting off to sleep, just tell the evil spirits to stop harassing you and stop violating your personal space and free will, or else they will have to face the law system of the Universe. If these evil spirits violate your natural rights, they have no standing under Natural Law, so don’t be afraid of them.

If the evil spirits don’t stop harassing you, meditate and then call to the Universe or the Supreme Creator within you to summon them to appear in front of the Universe’s law system to answer your complaint. The Universe does have Its own law system, just like how our society has a law system. As above, so below. Wherever there are laws, there is always a system to enforce those laws.

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