How to Overcome Negative Thoughts to Free Your Mind

Authored or posted by | April 17, 2014
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Thought is the most powerful manifestation energy force of the Universe due to its ability to focus energy and transform it into material things. Thought manifests energy into matter by acting like a focusing and filtering system that allows energy to manifest into holograms, which are what the Universe is made of. In other words, our Universe is holographic in nature and reality is thought construction.

How to overcome negative thoughts

At your current level of evolution, it is impossible for you to stop thinking negative thoughts. However, you can learn how to overcome many of your negative thoughts by becoming more aware of them. Your awareness is a very powerful ability that you have. If used correctly, your awareness can help you stop a lot of negative thoughts and free your mind from negative thinking. Many of your negative thoughts are often generated without you being aware of them. By becoming aware of them, you can consciously choose how they affect you and thus freeing your mind from them.

One of the major contributors to negative thoughts is stress. We have all been in a stressful situation before. Something stressful happens and all you can think about is what went wrong over and over again. You ruminate on it and before you know it, you aren’t even thinking about the original stressor, but you have moved on to some other series of negative thoughts. These stressful situations can make you depressed, leading to other emotional problems.

Changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts

Another great way to help you stop negative thoughts from ruining your day is to change them to positive thoughts. Whenever you experience negative thinking, focus your awareness to the moment of now, then concentrate on your unfavorable thoughts. By doing so, you will have more control of how they affect you. Next, become the neutral observer and observe your thoughts. This will help reduce any strong stressful emotions that are preventing you from thinking clearly. Once you are calm, try to link your negative thoughts to life lessons to help you understand them. By understanding these unfavorable thoughts, your perspective of them will often change in a way that is empowering.

Here are 3 tips to help you overcome your negative thoughts:

Tip #1: Identify the source of your problem

Before you can change course and start thinking positively, it is important to identify what your pain point actually is. Simply by labeling the root of your woes, you can begin to reign in all of the ancillary unfavorable thoughts that are just a byproduct of some of other source. For instance, you probably aren’t upset about spilling coffee on yourself, but maybe you are worried about an upcoming presentation you have at work. Once you have pinpointed this, you can find ways to reduce the effects of your negative thoughts.

Tip #2: Visualize positive things

We have all heard of star athletes taking time out before a big game to visualize scoring a goal, winning the game, or stopping the other team’s offense. Many successful people, like athletes, do this to channel something that is stressful into something positive. If you find your negative thoughts are consuming you, find a quiet spot and sit down and visual what you would like to see. This can help self-correct your negative thinking and start activating the solution oriented side of your brain.

Tip #3: Surround yourself with positive people

Many people have a hard time freeing their mind from destructive thoughts because they often surround themselves with negative people. If you are struggling with excess negative thinking, take a step back and observe if coworkers, friends or family may be a source of negativity. Do they complain a lot? Talk badly about others? Are they never able to see the good side of things? Once you are aware of negative sources, you can avoid these people or be more conscientious not to fall into their destructive ways.



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