How to Manage Personal Energies and Why Polarity Exists

Authored or posted by | July 8, 2013
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What is our Personal Energy?

Managing Personal Energies is a rather large topic that will be highlighted again in future articles but should be included at this point as it correlates with our discussion of Self Sovereignty. Why should we be concerned about what we are doing with our personal energy? The answer to the question is vast and is why this topic will be highlighted through many different areas.

Our personal energy is our energy from Source. Source eternally supplies us with this energy to allow us to express as an individuated face of Source. What we choose to do with our personal energy will eternally determine what we will experience while experiencing as an individuated face of Source. For many that may sound rather hard to understand and greater understanding comes through knowing some basic foundation aspects of how Source creates and how we co-create with Source.

Source and Balance

As discussed in previous articles, ALL of creation is Source experiencing ItSelf but Source allows the individuated faces of ItSelf the gift of “free will choice”. Source allows free will choice so that Source can experience all possibilities of what is available to experience-all possibilities from the greatest negative to the greatest positive experience. By doing so, Source learns, expands and understands more about ItSelf. Source desires to experience everything that Source can think. However, Source does have a preference of experience and that preference is “balance”.

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