How Light, Sound, & Symbol (Thought Encryption) Create Reality & Heal the Body

Authored or posted by | November 25, 2015
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Music Wave Frequency( Creation is made of Light and Sound. Many who will read this message will already be aware of this fact. It is desired to offer more understanding of the interaction of light and sound from an experiential aspect.

When you are experiencing within a system (planet, physical body form, etc.) that holds distortions which block off flow of Source energy, the system can only translate light and sound waves that are able to be filtered through that systems distortions. There are other light and sound waves available for access but the distortions block the ability for awareness of them.

The creation mechanics that allow manifestation and the illusion of individuated separation to occur automatically shut off awareness of light and sound waves that are not intended to be perceived within the illusion of the system.

When you experience energetic body damage, light and sound waves of the system become blocked from your perception which should not be blocked that are a natural part of the system. This is the reason no two people on Earth will currently perceive light and sound waves in the exact same way. This means that all people on Earth currently perceive light and sound “unique” to them as a result of what the individual filtering process will allow them to become aware of.

The race morphogenetic field allows people of Earth to perceive “similar” and is why all will call something like a color red, as an example. But no two people currently perceive the color red in the exact same way. The same filtering process also occurs with sound for all of the people on Earth. No two people of Earth currently hear sound in the exact same note, key or vibration.

When you are experiencing through a healed energetic body, within a healed energetic system, all consciousness within that system perceives ALL light and sound waves available to perceive within that system. When such is possible then perceiving something like the color red takes on a whole new meaning.

If it was desired to express the exact same expression point of a shade of color (sub-frequency band) then it would be expressed as the specific “encryption point” at which that shade of red expresses. You could think of it as the exact location on the gradient dial which that shade of red occurs and the exact same process occurs in the desire to share with another a specific sound tone.

In healed reality systems, it is not required for life forms to be technical and state the exact location point on the dial because in healed reality systems life forms express via telepathy and direct cognition. This ability allows healed life forms to instantly tune their inner receivers to the exact location point on the dial. These attributes are simply part of the way that Source creates individuated expressions of ItSelf to perceive and interact with light and sound.

Life forms within healed reality systems perceive as a “conscious collective” but can still choose to perceive (look at) anything different than what another may be focusing on in the moment. There is still individuation awareness within a conscious collective but all are aware of the whole at all times and therefore know what the whole is thinking at all times.

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