How to Free Your Mind and Find Inner Peace

Authored or posted by | July 29, 2013
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Meditating Outdoor

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The human mind is one of nature’s greatest achievements because of its infinite potential. Its capabilities are so astonishing that if you learn how to unlock its full potential, anything is possible. Below is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about what the mind is.

The human mind is one of the most advanced systems in the Universe because of its complexity and potential. Many of us believe that our minds are located within our brains, but our minds are somewhat separate from our brains. It is a system that is beyond physicality and linear space. However, at the energetic level, our minds and brains are interconnected. The mind is part of the intellect, self-awareness and consciousness field of who we are. It is a form of energy that has been structuralized by consciousness, allowing us to observe ourselves. This system is where thinking truly occurs. Even though our minds are somewhat separate from our bodies, the state at which their energies vibrate will affect our bodies because they are energetically connected. Thought is one of the main entities that affect the state of our minds, because it can decrease or increase the vibrational rate of our minds.

Since the day we were born, modern society has conditioned us to think within the conventional matrix. As a result, our minds have been caged into a small box, preventing them from maturing properly. This is why most of us have such a hard time becoming independent thinkers. One of the popular methods that our society uses for conditioning our minds is subliminal message.

Subliminal messages are designed to target our minds, especially the subconscious section, because our minds control our actions. Once society uses subliminal messages to influence our minds to a certain point, it can control our thought patterns to a certain degree without our knowledge. If subliminal messages did not work, do you think companies and our government would spend millions of dollars per year on them?

Companies and our government are obsessed with subliminal messages because they are effective at manipulating our thought patterns at the subconscious level. Because subliminal messages are designed to target our subconscious minds, we are usually not aware that we are being manipulated. The top five topics incorporated into subliminal messages are sex, drug, food, fear and violence. Next time you watch TV, pay very close attention to the show or commercial you are watching and you may notice how these five topics are incorporated in it. Below is a short video clip that does an excellent job showing how subliminal messages are used in advertising.

Subliminal Messages in Advertising

How to free your mind from the conventional matrix

To free your mind, you will need to learn how to think beyond the conventional matrix. To do this, you will need to become aware of the tricks that companies and your government use to manipulate your mind. Subliminal messages are one of them but they are starting to phase out. They are being replaced by high-definition TVs and certain high-tech gadgets that have the ability to send certain frequency and energy patterns or codes that can influence your thought patterns. These controlling techniques are all designed to hypnotize your mind to a certain degree so they can influence how you think.

Why do they want to influence how you think? Because if they can influence how you think, they can make you do certain things or buy their products without you even being aware that you are being manipulated. From your perspective, you think that you are making the free will choice, but at the subconscious level, your mind has been conditioned to act on certain compulsive behaviors. This is why our society is so addicted to sex, drug, food, fear and violence. This is also why it is so hard for us to find inner peace because our minds are always bombarded with distractions related to sex, drug, food, fear and violence.

Most of the mind manipulation techniques that are used by companies and our government are harmful, because the techniques disharmonize the energies that keep our minds in balance. To reverse this process, you will need to watch less TV and listen to less distracting music. You will also need to learn how to calm your mind.

Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your mind. Doing things you love to do that do not involve a lot of negative thoughts are also great for calming your mind. Laying out in the sun for a few minutes, drawing or painting outdoor scenes, focusing your attention to the moment of now, or directing your thoughts toward peaceful intentions are great ways to calm your mind. Once your mind is calm, finding inner peace becomes a lot easier.

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