Happy Holidays! Inspirational Quotes from OmniThought; Plus, a Motivational Video to Give You Hope

Authored or posted by | December 24, 2013
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Holiday Greetings

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The holiday season is a great time to get together and share wonderful experiences with your loved ones. It’s also a beautiful time to be playful and cheerful like a kid again. However, with all the turmoil going on in the world, it’s making life more difficult and less enjoyable. I can assure you that these hard times won’t last very long. There are a lot of great changes coming, so stay strong, spread the love and stay united. We and our planet are about to have a taste of what it really means to be happy and free.

Here are some inspirational quotes for the holidays that I thought of today. Enjoy!

“Life is a miracle! Cherish it beyond the value of materialism and your life shall be more meaningful.”

“Love is the key to heal all things. It’s what keeps the Universe in balance and is require for life to exist. In essence, love is an energetic state of perfect vibrational harmonization. Learn to cherish love by opening you heart more and you shall find joy and inner peace.”

“Forgiveness plays an important role in achieving peace in life. When you forgive, it allows your body to heal itself by releasing certain energy blockages associated with emotional problems. It’s important to know that forgiving others doesn’t necessarily mean you are approving or accepting what they have done to you. When you forgive others, it’s more about setting you free from undesirable emotional states. It’s about understanding your mistakes and releasing emotional traumas, so that you can concentrate on the present and have hope for the future.”

“Nature’s way of creating things is very magical, because it focuses energy and projects this energy into forms of matter out of thin air. Learn to understand this magic and your life will become more joyful and meaningful.”

“Don’t waste too much time grieving on the negative experiences. Life is too short and precious. Cherish the good experiences like it’s your last day on Earth and be thankful you get to experience the infinite possibilities of life.”

“The essence of who you are is your soul/spirit. Do your best to not become too obsessed with your physical self or you will become lost in the illusion of matter. Pay attention to your soul/spirit as much as you pay attention to your body. Keep them in balance and you shall one day fuse with your higher identities.”

Inspirational Video Life Is a Miracle!

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