The Greatest Fraud of All

Authored or posted by | September 15, 2017
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By Anna Von Reitz, author of and contributing writer for

We are at the end of a very, very long learning session.  It has taken somewhat over 8,000 years to get to this moment, or roughly 25,000 lifetimes.

Most especially, we have needed to learn the difference between good and evil, lies and truth, and all the other opposites that exist in a continually changing dynamic that ultimately cancels out.  Think of it in terms of mathematics — you can reach zero from an infinite number of starting points, right?  -7 plus 7, -98 plus 98, and so on?   The scale may change but the result does not, like a Nautilus shell– each chamber is larger, but the design is the same.  This is what generates the illusion of time and expansion, when in fact, nothing has changed. So, we actually live in a steady state.  That “Zero Point” is called “Now” — where the Alpha and Omega meet and cancel out — this is where we live, breathe, and have our being.  This moment contains all that ever was or ever will be.  And there is only one such “eternal moment”.  This eternal moment is the memory and body of God.

These concepts are not exactly foreign to us.  We have seen Buddha on his lily pad.  We have seen Christ on his cross.  We have all seen roses grow out of manure piles and good come from evil and evil from good.  We have read the holy scriptures of the world, and they all tell us the same thing from different viewpoints, as if a thousand men were all standing in a circle around a horse and trying to describe it for us.

Becoming truly aware and appreciating the nuances of different viewpoints is an organic growth process not unlike a child growing up.  Unfortunately for us, this hasn’t been a smooth or easy process.  Many monkey-wrenches and tests have been thrown in by the Schoolmaster from Hell, Satan.  The most difficult tests — religious belief, sexual morality, money, egotism, and more generally, symbolic thought processes, were all introduced by the Queen of Sumeria, also known as the “Queen of Heaven”, Astarte, Isis, Ashtoreth, Semiramis, Cybele, and Columbia—also known as “The Mother of All Harlots” and “The Great Abomination”.

About 8,000 years ago, Queen Semiramis noticed that a basket of wheat was being traded for a small gold coin in the marketplace.  What ho! So, instead of doing what the Sumerian and Babylonians had been doing— trading thousands of baskets of wheat back and forth, donkey-load by donkey-load— why not just use a gold coin to symbolize the wheat and trade it, instead?   She had the image of a basket of wheat stamped on little pieces of gold, and money was born.  This leap of fact into fiction, from actual basket of wheat to coin symbolizing wheat, tore a hole in the fabric of our logic web.  Life was no longer a simple matter of discerning what is, but became infinitely more complicated because once symbolic thinking was introduced we also had to deal with issues of faith, belief, and discernment.

Even though a basket of wheat is a basket of wheat and a gold coin is a gold coin, things were getting confused in our minds as we traded one for another.  Very quickly, men realized — hey, if this gold coin can stand for a basket of wheat, why couldn’t it stand for……a bag of figs?  A barrel of water?  A new dress?

Well, indeed….. and though Semiramis’s coin “stood for” a basket of wheat, it quickly came to symbolize virtually anything, according to an arbitrary value established in the marketplace.  This value was never certain or steady and seldom ever truly based on fact, thanks to commodity hoarding and speculation and other self-interested activities, natural disasters, limited gold supplies and market demands.

As the use of money grew, so did the evils we associate with it — the supply of money was quickly taken over as a “royal function”, and it was made to appear very rare and precious and therefore valuable. Even when the money supply wasn’t being deliberately manipulated by governments, or counterfeited by thieves, it had to be admitted that the supply of anything based on an actual commodity was “large but not infinite” and certainly in the course of history there have been times when the supply of money was tight simply because the demand for it out-stripped the ability of the Royal Mints to find enough gold and stamp out enough coins fast enough.  This is how we got silver currency.  Nobody could find enough gold fast enough to meet the market demand for currency, so people started using silver as well as gold, to expand the supply of money used in trade.

Are gold and silver so very valuable in and of themselves?  No, not really, not to us, not at the present time.  We can’t eat, breathe, drink or be warmed or sheltered or protected by gold or silver.  Just as in the days of Semiramis, gold is being used as a symbol for all the other things it can be traded for, and its choice as “the” commodity used to create money is as arbitrary now as it was then.

And we still have the same hole in our logic web.  We are still having difficulties dealing with the nuances of symbolic thinking.  It’s like an algebra problem that we almost-but-not-quite grasp, and sometimes we get the answer right and sometimes we get the answer wrong, and we still don’t know exactly why.

So let’s take a look at this with new eyes.

We have a thing (gold coin or paper bill or digits in a bank ledger) that we use to represent all sorts of other things (apples, lawn mowers, new shoes, oats) and services, too (hair cuts, swimming lessons, fire protection).

That whole concept is bizarre when you stop and think about it.  Can one thing really stand for another?  No.

In order to seriously consider a coin, a paper bill or digits in a check book as being “equivalent to” anything else — we have to suspend belief.  Just like when we go to the movies and watch a sci-fi thriller or a fairy tale, and “for the sake of the story” suspend our belief and accept the idea that old hot rods can fly and ET’s ride bicycles and old clothes closets can open into other worlds we have to suspend our belief when we accept a coin, a bill, or a digit as an “equitable exchange” for a dress or a ham steak or a bushel of apples.

That is, we have to accept a premise that is logically insupportable.

For example, we have to pretend that numbers written on a ledger are of equivalent value to a new car.

We are so brain-washed, so indoctrinated, and take the suspension of belief involved in the use of “money” so much for granted, that bit by bit all common sense has been eroded until we believe that something essentially worthless — keystrokes entered on a bank ledger, for example, has value equal to a new house?

When I cornered a banker about this one day, he went red-faced and started puffing and finally blurted, “It has that much value if you believe it does!”


So, “value” is a matter of belief?

Yes. Whether two apples are worth a bunch of grapes is a matter of belief and personal opinion.  So is the judgment call of whether a gold coin is equivalent in value to a basket of wheat.

It might be worth that much to you, but not to me—-but at least we can all agree that apples, grapes, gold coins, and baskets of wheat have “a” value, even if we dispute what that value is.

Things take on another level of absurdity when we take a step deeper into fantasyland and start trading paper that merely claims to represent things.

Ah, this piece of engraved paper here is equal in value to four hamburgers, with fries and a chocolate shake, or an hour of skilled labor.  Why?  Because the U.S. Government says it is.  And no other reason at all.


This results from “legal tender laws”.

A self-interested group of men get together and print up their own script.  (Think: Federal Reserve Bankers and Federal Reserve Notes.)

The printing of this “script”  costs about four cents per bill.  And then using the coercive power of the government for their own private enrichment, they simply have the politicians declare that their four cent product is arbitrarily worth a hundred cents or a thousand cents or ten thousand cents or a million cents.  It really doesn’t matter to them.  They aren’t on the hook for it.  They are trading something that it cost them four cents to produce for something that cost the other guy a lot more to produce, and the “government” says its okay, so it’s okay.   Then the bankers and the government split the profits, and you pay for it all.

This is an obvious scam and rip-off that nobody in their right mind would agree to voluntarily.  That’s why legal tender laws have to be applied using coercive power, and why everything that has gone on in the world since 1913 has been accomplished under conditions of fraud and duress.

Every time you buy something under these conditions you are being forced into a bad deal.  You are being forced— by your own government no less — to work for these essentially worthless pieces of paper, and that is what gives the paper value. Your slave labor.

When this finally comes home to you and you admit the reality of what has been done, your first impulse may be to get a pitchfork and start skewering both bankers and politicians, but that would not be fair, because you and the other victims have been in a fuzzy-thinking daze and allowed this to go on for over a hundred years.  Where’s your responsibility for this situation?

Wake up!  America!  Hello!  Wake up!

The whole concept of money is largely bushwah.  One thing can’t really “stand for” or be equivalent to another, except on the basis of someone’s opinion — and who made their opinion the “standard of value” for the whole world?

Right now, we have a committee of men — the GCR Committee — and they have been struggling for many months trying to come up with exactly such a standardized value for everything in the world from gallons of oil to bushels of Brazil Nuts, all based on gold as the “standard commodity”.  What if I have a lot of oil and want to make oil the “standard commodity”?  Hmm?  Or, pickle relish.  What if I am the Kingpin producer of pickle relish worldwide, and I want pickle relish to be the “standard commodity”?

So the Chinese have amassed a lot of gold and they want gold to be the standard commodity and they want their “yuan” to be the standard trading paper.

Personally, I’d rather trade in pickle relish.

To me, it has more intrinsic value than gold.  And the days and hours of my life, which is what most of us trade in exchange for any commodity, is certainly worth more to me than any piece of metal, much less a piece of paper representing a piece of metal.

So when you think about it, whether we are “trading in” gold or oil or pickle relish, all these “systems of value” are prejudices and based on false premises that are ridiculous.

I want you all to start thinking— really thinking— about the nature of money and your relationship to it.  In the final analysis, your beliefs and your willingness to trade, are all that give it value.  If I and my neighbors don’t value gold, then gold is worthless to us.  If we value apples and wood instead, guess what?

So what do you believe is truly valuable on a scale of one to ten?   A lump of metal?  Or a side of beef?   A lump of metal….. or wood timbers?    A lump of metal….or six hours of your time on Earth?    A lump of metal…..or ten pounds of cherries?

Once you start thinking about it, you realize it is all nothing but a mix of self-interest, mass delusions and individual opinion.  You realize that “money” doesn’t really exist or have any meaning apart from what value and meaning we attach to it.  It’s a little god that we make for ourselves and then spend all our days chasing after.  It is most certainly, obviously, and pathetically— an idol.

If someone carved an image out of wood, would you bow down and worship it?  Most likely not.  Most likely you would snort and bellow, “This is ridiculous!” and walk away.

Yet, billions of people on this planet literally worship money and bow down to it every day.  Why?  Because they believe in it.  Because they are forced — by coercive governments — to work for it.  Because none of us ever really think about it, and discover that it is just hokum in a nice suit.

This wrong belief in money, no less than a wrong religious belief or any other kind of delusion, is what enslaves and limits and harms all of us.  Every single man, woman, and child on Earth is harmed by their false belief in money.

What we should believe in and therefore give value to, is the Creator — whatever name you use to describe the Ordering Force of the Universe, that makes our life and every good thing possible.

And after that Magnum Mysterium— which we should worship with thankfulness and awe — we should value creativity, compassion, good will, love, honesty, justice, and other intangible things which nonetheless make life worthwhile.

So how do we fix this problem and get the world back on track?  Find a way to trade goods and services, yet keep in view what is truly of value?

Some people think that we can do this by setting up yet another “value system” based on a different commodity—as if such a system based on gold is intrinsically different or better than one based on oil?  Hello?

I say no, this is all ridiculous, whether it is based on Arab oil or Chinese gold or Canadian wheat.  It’s all wrong-headed and delusional.

The only possible honest money that could ever exist, would be a currency based on the value of all commodities and all labor.  It’s the only way to fairly or adequately symbolize the value of the goods and services we trade — not by arbitrarily comparing everything to one commodity, but by symbolizing a tiny fraction of the value of all commodities, including labor.

Then the world does not belong to those who have the gold or those who have the oil or those who have the wheat (as in Ancient Sumeria)—but instead it belongs to everyone on Earth as a means of trade, as it should be.

I am tired and discouraged and sick of the games and idiocy I deal with every day.  Everyone should have grown up by now and have no illusions about money, but no, large segments of the population remain enthralled. Even the brightest men I talk to are bamboozled by money.  They seek after it and slaver over it like dogs.  They think it is something that its not.  They are utterly deluded.

What we can all do to change this situation, is to educate ourselves and educate others, and push our brains to think—–really think—- about what we are doing and what “money” is and who is responsible for this madness?

If the guilty governments have their way, the private script that Americans have been forced to use “as” money ever since 1933, will be first devalued by 40%, and then replaced by “gold-backed Treasury Reserve Notes”— but this all bogus, too. It’s just a different flavor of the same old shit.  And an excuse for a new gang of thugs pushing a different but equally bogus “standard commodity” to lord it over everyone else.

Enough, already.  Tell your governments to grow a brain, because you have.

And pin the bankers face down to the floor.

We have spent 8,000 years trying to figure out what money is.  At the end of the day, it’s just a scam, a “useful idol” because people worldwide are too dull or too self-interested  to get the joke.

Let your brain-cells work on what I have said here for a few hours.  You’ll see that what I have told you is true, and that you have been spending your life chasing after little man-made idols— and that is why the idol-makers are rich and everyone else is poor.  Simple enough.  But when you stop believing in the value of idols and stop giving them value, this whole system will have to change. It will no longer be just a few Old Lobos like me sounding the alarm.  Suddenly, everybody will wake up and say, “WTH?”  And then the stampede will be on, and the members of the Congresses and Politburos will be made to sing a different song — a song that honors the Truth at last.

This article was found on and republished on this website for educational purposes.

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  1. Anabel says:

    The govt is also accepted on belief.
    We have become “believers” not knowers.

  2. kay two says:

    ever wondered if we are mining some precious metals in the now, for the future? ever considered that the earth is an anagram for heart and we may be on the actual death bed for our solar system?
    Many of these questions and the ‘truths’ that support these questions seem to masked of by this ‘great awakening’ we are all experiencing now.
    Anyone hear the voices from the coffins of gold stacked on each other in the black hole? these are the truths i seek.