The Final Battle for the Control of the New Financial System: Will the Resistance Win the Financial War?

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Bank of America Building

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The battle for the future of humanity is not only focused on freedom and liberty, but is heavily concentrated on the financial war for the control of the new financial system. Ever since the Federal Reserve (Fed) was established in 1913, the Banksters (high level bankers who pull the strings of politicians and authorities) have slowly used this central bank to control the United States and its citizens.

The Banksters did such an excellent job of controlling and stealing from the American people that they got away with stealing 15 plus trillion dollars. Controlling the United States financial system is critical for controlling the world since the dollar is the world’s reserve currency; therefore, it has a lot of purchasing power.

To control a large portion of the world in a society that relies heavily on money, all you have to do is organize a secret group of smart and influential people, and use them to help you take control of central banks throughout the world. This is exactly what certain groups of globalists and secret societies have been doing to the United States, Europe and many other countries for nearly a century. Some of these secretive groups are known as the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Zionists, the Nazis, the Committee of 300, the Vatican, the Club of Rome, the Knights Templars and the Council of 13. Together they are known as the New World Order (NWO). It is important to know that not everyone in these groups supports the dark agendas of the NWO.

If you think secret societies are fantasies dreamed up by conspiracy nuts, watch the video below, because it contains proof that they are real and are working in high levels of western government.

Rick Ross/CNN Proof Freemason/The Illuminati Control the World

The Banksters and their allies are responsible for engineering most of the current wars, the current global debt crisis and the “End Times” prophecy

The Banksters engineered the global debt crisis so that they can buy off companies and banks at cheap prices and consolidate them so that they can create a fascist society or a one-world government. They also engineered the two world wars and many of the smaller wars, including the so called War on Terror. Unfortunately for the Banksters, their secret dark agendas are being exposed throughout the world. Recently, over 170 nations are teaming together to stop the Banksters’ engineered “End Times” prophecy. For strong evidence that they help created the “End Times” prophecy, read this shocking article.

The Banksters want us to believe that there are not enough wealth for everyone and resources to feed the hungry and poor. They want us to believe that there is not enough economic growth to create jobs, pay off global debts and deal with climate change. Instead, they brainwashed us into believing that there is only enough money to keep paying interest on debts that they created through fraud.

Many of the taxes we pay to our government are based on fraud since a lot of those taxes are not being used as they claimed. Instead, they are being used to finance the Banksters’ illegal wars and to help them pay off debts. To make matters worse, they artificially created inflation to steal our money behind our backs. Inflation is nothing more than a hidden tax on the public. For proof of this, read this informative article. Another way they steal our money is through the stock market, which is full of corruption due to the fact that they are manipulating the prices of stocks. The stock market is rigged similar to a casino.

The Dark Forces are losing in many fronts, but it is not over until their controlling empire is dismantled

There are many awake and aware people in the conspiracy and new age movement who believe that the NWO is done, because it has lost a lot of its power. To truly think that the NWO has no more power to cause anymore destruction and implement control throughout the world is very naive. The leaders of the NWO are dark magicians and they still have some aces up their sleeves. They are masters of deception which is why they can trick anyone, even high level military officers, presidents of countries and spiritual leaders.

Seven months ago, a reader posted a comment on my other website saying that the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) has lawfully foreclosed corporations, banks and governments for operating slavery and private money systems. The comment also suggested that the NWO has little power left to destroy our freedom and liberty, and humanity is basically free from their control. The actions that I see throughout the world and my intuition tell me that this is not true.

The NWO still has a lot of power. However, the healing energies that are now available to Earth and her inhabitants are helping people wake up, causing a shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. As more people wake up, the right people in the appropriate positions will take the necessary actions to stop the NWO from destroying our future. However, they can only succeed if we support the Resistance. To support the Resistance, spread their messages to others and if you can support them financially, do so. The future of humanity depends on your support.

What happens if the Resistance wins the financial war?

If the Resistance wins the financial war, rest assured that our freedom and liberty will be restored. In addition, a lot of the debts that were created through fraud will be erased, because when fraud is involved in loan contracts, it automatically voids these contracts. If you know how to fight these debts, you may be able to live in your home for free since most of the home mortgages were created through fraud. Another thing that will be abolished is unnecessary taxes. In the United States, income tax may be one of them since it violates the United States Constitution.

Other great things that will also become available to the public are Earth friendly technologies and alternative energies. These two technologies will transform our civilization and help create more better paying jobs. If the NWO is defeated, establishing world peace will be a lot easier since most of the modern wars were engineered by the NWO.

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