The Fall of Man and the Rise of Corporations

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By Pao Chang, author of and

Once upon a time the world was free from the reign of corporations and corpses. During that time, man (male and female) was innocent and peace-loving and had a strong connection with nature. Because of man’s peaceful state of mind and strong connection with nature, man lived in harmony with God’s Law. One day man became curious about his egoic power and decided to explore it. This exploration opened man’s eye (inner eye) to the idea of good and evil and planted many egoistic thoughts (seeds) in his mind (garden), causing man to desire separation instead of union.

In this fascinating video, I am going to take you a magical journey to explore the event that caused man to fall from his divine state and become a flesh and blood being. I will also reveal what corporations are and why it is important for man to work in harmony with corporations.

To learn more about the information in this video, visit my website and read my empowering book Word Magic.

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