The Evolutionary Process of the Human Soul

Authored or posted by | October 11, 2013
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To understand the inspirational quote below, you need to understand what the human soul is. The human soul is multidimensional in nature. It is the spiritual anatomy that holds our identities, memories and individuality. For the soul to function properly in a physical body, it needs the spirit.

The soul and spirit are two entities that people often get confuse about. Their relationship is similar to that of electricity and magnetism; one depends on the other to function properly. The simplest definition of a soul is a projection of thought that thinks; therefore, it is self-aware. The soul is the energetic anatomy that can become finite. It acts like a vehicle to house the spirit so that the spirit can enter the body to begin a new incarnation. For this reason, it is the spirit that gives the body the spark of life.

I thought of this quote when I was showering last night. Lol. Sometimes, ideas come to me at the weirdest and least expected time, so I always have to be ready to take notes.

“The human soul is an energy entity that evolves through learning life lessons and experiences. We come here to Earth to learn lessons so we can spiritually evolve and become creators ourselves. Earth is like a school, but unlike most school in the Milky Way, it is one of the hardest schools to graduate from. Every experience that we go through on Earth is temporary, so cherish the good times, because they will not last forever. Do your best to not allow the bad times destroy your dreams and goals, because your life is more precious than you may realize. Learn from your mistakes, forgive others for teaching you negative lessons, cherish the positive lessons, take actions to heal your light bodies and always move on, and you shall graduate someday.” ~ PL Chang

Angel Light

Flickr Commons: Image provided by Jody McNary

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  1. Lura koos says:

    Good morning Pao! Thank you so much for sharing this today. I haven’t written in a long time, but i do want to tell you how grateful I am, and how much I enjoy and appreciate getting your newsletter. this one especially touched me because I too had these same thoughts come to me… and yes sometimes at the most interesting times. 🙂 I do read ALOT and expose myself to many perspectives, and then try hard to allow my intuition/inner knowing to guide me. I do ‘ask’ for knowledge and wisdom with love in my heart, and then many beautiful nuggets come my way either by reading or sometimes they just show up in my head. I have only been ‘waking up’ for a few years now. I am a 55 year old grandmother and spent many years in a very controlling religion that did not allow independent thinking. We have been free for about 5 years now.I am trying to make up for lost time! LOL. Recently I came across a beautiful soul, Alaja the Pleiadian that has a utube channel (777alaja) with inspiring videos and a musical cd set that I ordered. The Kundilini was so strong when I was watching the videos I had a hard time breathing.I would love to know what you think of this. He says he has incarnated here to help spread love, and seems very genuine. he knows about the negative extra-terrestrials, the secret govt etc. He says that our govt’s did not want to have anything to do with the spiritual et’s, only the negative ones, which I have read elsewhere too. My biggest challenge in my awakening at this point is; are we (lightworkers) supposed to be working on our own soul evolution and development, and at the same time showing love and trying to help others to wake up too, thereby actually changing the collective vibration of the planet in order to get rid of the negative energy beings and help to facilitate life here in 3rd density to a higher vibration?? I knew about this being a school, but still trying to figure out if the extreme polarity and massive suffering will just go on forever,staying a dimension where new souls come and develop, or is it an experiment that will eventually stop. I understand free will is part of all this, but I keep reading of a mass awakening where we can ‘graduate’ or ascend to 4th density where there is much less suffering (or none) but we can still grow and develop. Personally, I would like to learn my lessons in THIS incarnation and see a stop to the suffering and bloodshed in this world. I want to help. When I try to help people to think about this sort of thing, so many think I’m crazy or a ‘conspiracy theorist’, even my kids! I am trying to understand what is our individual responsibility as earth humans.. will there be a mass awakening…will the controlers fulfill their ‘depopulation agenda’…and how hard should we be working to help people wake up? the chemtrails are getting worse and I’m very concerned about this and MANY other things. (Agenda 21, the NWO etc etc)It’s funny sometimes I get the feeling the whole world is one big psy-op LOL!
    so sorry for the long email. I loved your book!

    Love and Light, ~ Lura Aptos California 831 684 1871

    • PL Chang says:

      Hello Lura,

      Thank you for your support of my book. I have been awakened since 2001. 911 was the event that sparked my awakening. I just graduated from high school when 911 happened. Cannot believe it has been more than 10 years already.

      I’m not aware of Alaja the Pleiadian, so I do not have any opinion on this person’s teachings. My advice is to listen to your intuition and inner feelings to guide you. You may also want to read this article I wrote. Visit the link below for more info.

      Most of us are “lightworkers” because one of our main missions on Earth is to heal this beautiful blue planet. Everyone has his or her way of healing mother Earth. By planting a tree or thinking positive thoughts, we are already helping heal her in a subtle way. To heal her more, we need to educate others on how to live in harmony with nature and take stronger actions to heal the environment. Not everyone is here to heal the planet, because some souls love to destroy nature.

      I do not believe we will be able to totally remove the negative beings from our planet, not in our life time. The “experiment” here on Earth contains polarity and free will. For this reason, everyone is allowed by Creation to choose what they want to experience, whether it deals with negative or positive things.

      There is a mass awakening that is occurring and it is helping to increase the frequency on Earth. Certain healing energies that are now available to humanity are also helping increase Earth’s frequency. For this reason, more people are becoming awake and it is making it harder for the dark forces to implement their depopulation agenda and one world government.

      If the mass awakening continues, I do not see the dark forces win the Earth drama. They are losing a lot of power, but it is not over until their controlling empires are dismantled.

      As for ascension, it is a natural process in the Universe. However, I do not see how humanity can ascend anytime soon unless mother Earth is healed to a certain level. The battles that have been going on here on Earth for eons have caused a lot of distortions in her energy fields. As a result, she needs to go through a lot of healing before the gift of ascension is available to humanity again.

  2. kevin says:

    For now and infinity. You are the holy trinity
    A fatality to mortality
    Sounds like irrationality
    There is no reality
    No, there’s gotta be?
    That’s blasphemy!
    You can’t deny gravity
    Oh humanity
    This absurd insanity
    Is mis-educated vanity
    Thank A legality in Duality concerning corporeality
    Its easy to see in totality
    That there’s multi-interdimensionality
    And that Consciousness’ locality
    Is exempt from physicality
    Possessing extraterritoriality
    How’s that for actuality?
    The Secret kept in confidentiality
    By manipulators of herd mentality
    dare they with audacity
    To degrade our natural capacity,
    Operating a capitalist society
    so Well maskedly,
    Oh it’s dastardly
    Just take a look at history
    The key sh*t’s a mystery
    even though its easy to see when one looks retroactively,
    That we are conquered by a majesty
    Cyclically viciously
    Its a travesty
    and we’ve enthusiastically accepted tacitly,
    slavery in totality
    What about the bravery, oh the depravity
    A species torn between itself cataclysmically,
    Sliding so abysmally
    Robbed and imprisoned dismally,
    economically,and fiscally
    sustained inorganically,
    shooting children manically,
    drugged and vaccinated fanatically
    Believing that way all our problems will just go away magically
    We find ourselves tragically
    Voting blindly democratically
    Losing trillions bureacratically
    Borrowing more ever panickedly
    Glad to pay our taxes to thee
    So why the lies and artificiality?
    We’ve lost our originality
    Strong sense of individuality
    replaced it with superficiality
    To be loved by others aristocratically
    Dumbed down Flouridically,
    Subconsciously educationally
    Genetically modified organismically
    Besieged ever dynamically
    Animals tortured and separated mechanically
    Fukushima’d over radioactively
    Wondering why people look at americans unatractively
    Have we lost our rationality
    The U.S. is a corporate principality
    it’s time we act responsibly
    Quit waiting on a prodigy
    and end the criminality
    Remember our unalieanable Rights and Constitutionality
    For we’ve traded in morality, rugged individuality
    Our southern hospitality
    For pure materiality
    How’s that for axiomaticality
    There is no nationality
    only one Universiality
    I am is everyone’s reality