Eternal Conscious Creation (Videos) and the Healing Process of Earth

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Flickr Commons: Image provided by Raven Vasquez

In the following nine videos, the founder of talks about an amazing event that will occur on December 12, 2013. According to, this event is very important for helping Earth heal so that we can also heal the energy distortions in our body and DNA. A significant percentage of the information found in these videos resonates well with the information that I published on, which is why I’m sharing it with you.

If you are open-minded and interested in new or esoteric information, these videos should be of great interest to you. The information in these educational videos may not resonate with everyone. My advice is to use your feelings to help you discern the information and take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

The video below is recommended for people who are new to or interested in the teachings of spiritual science. It covers information about what Creation (God), thought, consciousness and reality are, and how time and space are related. It also explains who we are and why we are here and the current Earth drama between the light and dark forces.

Eternal Conscious Creation Introduction Video 1

The following video talks about polarized energy and its relationship to positive and experiences, and why Creation allows the dramas between polarized experiences to occur. In addition, it goes more in depth about what Creation is, why distortion is allow to occur in the lower levels of the external Creation and how the Divine Trinity is essential for eternal life. The video also expresses how reality fields and time matrices are created and why big bangs transpire.

Eternal Conscious Creation – Level 1, Part 1, Video 2

This next video talks about how thought is used to create things. It covers topics, such as the birth of inner and outer Creation, multiverse, sacred geometry, the Divine Trinity, thought encryption, color, consciousness, unified field, and the difference between eternal and finite life forms.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 2, Video 3

The video below describes the eternal conscious Creation in a more detailed level, such as the different layers of outer Creation and the nature of light and sound.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 3, Video 4

The video below explains in great detail about the illusion of matter, the vertical pillars of Creation, what is on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy and the layers of Creation. It also talks about planetary star gate 12 and how the healing of this star gate will allow more healing energy of Creation to be available for Earth and her inhabitants.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 4, Video 5

In this next video, the Eternal Life Grid is explained in great detail and how it is used to create reality fields. The Eternal Life Grid is also known as the Kathara Grid or the Organic Tree of Life.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 5, Video 6

This following video talks about the paradigm shift that is occurring and why certain things occur as they do on planet Earth and in our daily lives.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 6, Video 7

Video 8 covers information about the subconscious mind and why distortion exists.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 7, Video 8

This next part goes more in depth about a special event that should occur on December 12, 2013. According to this video, this event is very important for healing the energy distortions of Earth and her inhabitants. Part 8 of the Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1 also talks about the meanings behind the second coming of Christ and why we have such a hard time remembering who we are.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 8, Video 9

This last part of the Eternal Conscious Creation series shares information about the healing features of planetary star gate 12 and the hidden meanings behind the rapture and ascension process.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 9, Video 10

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