The Earth is in Quarantine (A Presentation by Michael Tsarion)

Authored or posted by | February 3, 2015
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Earth is in Quarantine Presentation

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The Earth is in Quarantine is a presentation done by Michael Tsarion, a professional lecturer and researcher of ancient civilizations, astrotheology, and the Occult. In this presentation, Michael takes us back in time to reveal some of the greatest mysteries of the human race and explains how the evolution of the human race was interfered by certain non-human races.

The idea that we have been visited by off-world beings or extraterrestrials (ETs) is often laughed at by most people. If people only knew that most of our real history has been hidden from us by secret societies, they would think twice before laughing.

In his presentation, Michael Tsarion takes us on a journey deep into our past and reveals the evidence to prove that the history of the human race is a lot stranger than we may realize. He also talks about why the Earth has been under quarantine for millennia and how secret societies have used religion, money, technology, education, and politics to enslave us. Furthermore, he explains how we can stop this drama and free humanity.

If you are interested in esoteric knowledge and the history of our race, I highly recommend watching the following video. Even though I recommend this video, be aware that I don’t agree with everything in it. However, I’m aware of many of the subjects that Michael Tsarion talked about in his presentation and I also learned some new information. As always, use your intuition to help you discern the information in his presentation.

To learn more about Michael Tsarion and his work, visit

The Earth is in Quarantine – Michael Tsarion

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