A Documentary Film Claims the Secret Space Program Has Already Sent People to Mars

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Flickr Commons: Image provided by Gerhard Uhlhorn

Do you think it is possible that certain space programs have already sent people to Mars? If you have done your research on the secret space program and top-secret projects, such as black projects, you may have come across some evidence showing that it is possible.

The secret space program is a secretive branch of NASA and certain western space programs. Some eastern countries, such as China, also have their own secret space program. A lot of the scientists who started the western secret space program were part of the Nazi regime. After World Wart 2, the US, Russia and some western countries recruited some of the brightest Nazi scientists to help them build their space programs and other similar programs. They also recruited some high level Nazi officials. In time, some Nazi scientists and officials infiltrated the government of these countries.

In the US, Nazi leaders were very successful at infiltrating its government. They were so successful that they even got some of their leaders to become president of the US. George H.W. Bush was one of them. The Nazi regime was not destroy after World War 2, they regrouped in the US and certain countries and took control of their space programs and certain government agencies, such as the CIA.

What most people do not know about the secret space program is that the scientists of this secretive program have been experimenting with UFOs and “alien technology” since the mid-1900s. As a result, they already have the technology to send ET home. I know these topics are hard to believe, but if you know how to think like a detective and start investigating black projects, you should come to similar conclusions as me.

The Project Camelot TruTV Pilot Episode – “SHADOW OPERATIONS – The Mars Project”

To create a spaceship that can travel at superluminal speed, you need anti-gravity technology. Below are some interesting videos that may help you realize that we already have this technology.

РАН Anti-Gravity Saucer Spacecraft Technology Demonstration

Anti-Gravity Levitation Revealed

TOP SECRET! Russian UFO Anti-Gravity Technology

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