Do We Live in a Quantum Computer Generated Universe?

Authored or posted by | October 13, 2016
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Picture of Alexandra Meadors and David Icke

If you have been a regular reader of my blog (, you should know I am a supporter of the theory that we live in the Matrix, a quantum computer generated reality. This theory is gaining more support, because some well-respected scientists are finding evidence that the fabric of space contains some type of “computer code”. To learn more about this code, read my article titled Theoretical Physicist Finds “Computer Code” in the Fabric of Space.

Living in a Quantum Computer Universe is the title of a video interview published by Alexandra Meadors, the editor of In this interview, Alexandra talks to David Icke about the Matrix and the source of most of the evil things on Earth, which is a type of “computer virus”.

The first time I heard of the idea that our reality may be infected by a virus was on I also talked a little about it in my recent book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words. I referred to it as a “cosmic virus”.

As described on

Alexandra Meadors teams up with David Icke for an illuminating interview on the body as a biological computer and how we have been lead astray through experiencing only our five sense reactions and problems. David discusses how we can remove ourselves from the fake reality of an actual quantum computer universe by expanding our frequency and reviewing the deception of our 5 sense perceptions. After all, if we are within a quantum computer universe, what we see is not necessarily what we get! It is time for us to disconnect from the computer virus!

Awareness and consciousness are key concepts in order to see what is really going on with this world. The ability to observe the screen with neutrality BUT make the initiative to take action are needed now! David provides a unique presentation on how far down the rabbit hole he has gone, sharing the immense ridicule he has withstood and how it has brought him where he is today. He once again motivates all of the trailblazers to see through the illusion and acknowledge their importance of this collective reality, blowing through ignorance and lethargy.

What if we were to see that fear is actually a virus, feeding off of its own frequency? Do we live in an inverted perception reality?

This is a must see, as he also reviews his new book entitled The Phantom Self (and How to Find The Real One) as well as his up and coming World Wide Wake Up Tour.

Remember: “Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.” David Icke


David Icke Reviews Living In A Quantum Computer Universe – April 5, 2016

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