Do Our Genes Control Our Lives More Than Our Thoughts and Environment?

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DNA Human BrainFor decades, most scientists and cell biologists thought that our genes mostly control our reality, life, and health. Nowadays, some cell biologists are finding strong evidence that our genes are only one part of the complex system of the human body that controls our reality, life, and health. One well-known cell biologist is Dr. Bruce H. Lipton.

Dr. Lipton is also a researcher of epigenetics, the study of changes in organisms caused by “modification of DNA, protein, or RNA, resulting in changes to the function and/or regulation of these molecules, without altering their primary sequences.” In simple terms, epigenetics modifies gene expression but does not alter the primary genetic code itself.

Genes Do Not Control Our Lives as Much as They Say

In the following video, Dr. Lipton explains that the types of gene functions we are born with are not permanent but can be changed by our perception. Certain geneticists also suggest that gene expressions can be altered using the science of epigenetics. Through many years of research, Dr. Lipton found that genes do not significantly cause health conditions or control our lives.

For example, there are no specific genes that cause obesity; genes are NOT the causes of obesity because they are correlated to obesity. The word correlation means “mutual relation of two or more things, parts, etc.” According to Dr. Lipton the word correlation means “a relationship existing between phenomena or things”. In other words, the cause of something in the body is not limited to genes, because everything in the body is interconnected as a whole.

The Environment and Consciousness Field Also Affect Gene Expression

It is very important to know that the composition of the environment, which is made up of the environment in the body and the environment of the world in which you live in, and the information in the quantum and consciousness field also play a major role in gene expression. In other words, you are not only genetically determined but are also environmentally determined. Here is a great quote that explains why this is the case:

When a gene product is needed, a signal from its environment, not an emergent property of the gene itself, activates expression of that gene. ~ H.F. Nijhout

It is important to know that genes are like blueprints and therefore they can not switch themselves on and off. It is also important to know that your thoughts, beliefs, and perception also affect the behavior of your genes. If you want to learn how genes work at a deep scientific and spiritual level, you need to watch the following video.

Here is a synopsis of the video:

Recent advances in cellular science are heralding an important evolutionary turning point. For almost fifty years we have held the illusion that our health and fate were preprogrammed in our genes, a concept referred to as genetic determinacy. Though mass consciousness is currently imbued with the belief that the character of one’s life is genetically predetermined, a radically new understanding is unfolding at the leading edge of science.

Cellular biologists now recognize that the environment, the external universe and our internal physiology, and more importantly, our perception of the environment, directly controls the activity of our genes.

Bruce Lipton: Genes Don’t Control Your Reality! Your Perception Controls Genes!

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