Did U.S. General Mark Milley Admit on TV That Aliens (ETs) are Real?

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Picture of General Mark Milley Speaking at Norwich UniversityThe following video is a recorded lecture of General Mark A. Milley, 39th U.S. Army Chief of Staff, speaking to civilian students, faculty and staff, alumni, and members of the community at Norwich University. At the time of 34:47 of the video, General Milley says “you will be dealing with little green men”. When he said “little green men”, did he mean little green aliens (ETs)? Read the rest of the article and watch the video and then decide for yourself if he was talking about aliens.

According to Wikipedia.org, the phrase “little green men” means “the stereotypical portrayal of extraterrestrials as little humanoid-like creatures with green skin and sometimes with antennae on their heads. The term is also sometimes used to describe gremlins, mythical creatures known for causing problems in airplanes and mechanical devices. Today, these creatures are more commonly associated with an alleged alien species called greys, whose skin color is described as not green, but grey”. This phrase can also refer to “masked soldiers in unmarked green army uniforms and carrying modern Russian military weapons and equipment that appeared during the Ukrainian crisis of 2014”.

Here are General Milley’s “exact” words at the time of 34:11 of the video:

If the world of 1916 was complex, or the world of 1945 was complex, the world of 2016 is intensely complex. And I can tell you that, from personal experience, and I know there are many others who can tell you that as well. And you will graduate and be in that world. And you are going to be leading the soldiers, the sailors, the airmen, and the marines in that world. You will be dealing with terrorists, you will be dealing with hybrid armies, you will be dealing with little green men, you are going to be dealing with tribes, you will be dealing with national leaders and local leaders, you will be dealing with politics and economics, and you will be dealing with direct fires and indirect fires.

Here is a summary of the video from YouTube.com:

Norwich University hosted General Mark A. Milley, 39th U.S. Army Chief of Staff, on April 21, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in Kreitzberg Arena. GEN Milley presented “Leading Through Complexity,” the keynote address of the ROTC Centennial Symposium.

This lecture was hosted by the Norwich University College of National Services.

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) at Norwich University. In celebration of that historical milestone, Norwich hosted the ROTC Centennial Symposium.

This lecture was attended by the Norwich University Corps of Cadets, civilian students, faculty and staff, alumni, members of the community, and members of the public.

Todd Lecture Series: General Mark Milley, U.S. Army Chief of Staff

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