Did the New World Order (NWO) Hijack Malaysia Airlines MH370?

Authored or posted by | April 2, 2014
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Malaysia Airlines MH370 RIP

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I have been hearing rumors that the disappearance of Malaysia airlines MH370 was orchestrated by certain factions of the New World Order (NWO). Some whistleblowers are saying that Malaysia airlines MH370 was targeted by military trained individuals affiliated with Blackstone Group, a New York based investment banking firm owned by Israeli-British banker Jacob Rothschild.

Some sources are saying that Malaysia airlines MH370 was hijacked to kidnap or “silence” four of the five owners of advanced semiconductor technologies. The four owners who disappeared were Chinese nationals, leaving only one owner left, which is the company called Freescale Semiconductor Inc. This company is believed to be partially owned by Jacob Rothschild.

Freescale Semiconductor Inc. is a Texas-based company that has sold billions of semiconductor chips to the world. It also specializes in electronic warfare and stealth cloaking technology. Could this company’s cloaking technology played a role in the disappearance of Malaysia airlines MH370? We may never know for sure.

Here are two YouTube videos that unveil some very interesting information about the disappearance of Malaysia airlines MH370. The information in these two videos may not be 100 percent accurate. Therefore, I advise that you use your feelings to help you discern the information in them.

Anonymous – Rothschild & Malaysian Airlines MH370 Connection

The Real Reason Flight 370 Disappeared

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