Decoding the Occult Messages in The Economist (2017) Magazine Cover

Authored or posted by | December 5, 2016
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Picture of The Economist 2017

This is an interesting YouTube video that decodes occult (hidden) messages in The Economist (2017) magazine cover. The man who decoded the occult messages is KJ from the YouTube channel TheScariestMovieEver. One important thing you need to know about The Economist is that it has a strong connection to the elite.

In the last decade, many conspiracy researchers have been paying a lot of attention to this magazine cover, because its images and words have predicted many future events. According to KJ, The Economist is partially owned by the Rothschild banking family.

WOW! De-Coding Secrets Of The NEW (2017) Economist Magazine Cover

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Category: Esoteric & Occult (Hidden) Knowledge

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