Waiver and Acknowledgment

Date: Present
Authored by: Pao Chang

This Waiver and Acknowledgement is my own creation. I am the author of it and therefore have authority over it. This Waiver and Acknowledgement was created with the intention to correct my status and notify all governments and their agents that I am the living man with natural rights and free will. My natural rights cannot be taken away from me and are above all corporate or state rules, orders, codes, acts, statutes, and regulations, and laws made by man. I am not a legal fiction or corporation. I am the peaceable, living, and spiritual man.

Any government, government agent, corporation, man, or being, that violates my natural rights, or harms me or my property, or both, will answer to the Law and Justice System of God. All thoughts, intentions, and actions are known by God and there is no escaping His Laws.

Waiver and Acknowledgment

From the beginning, with God as my witness, I, the true living man who has the Spirit of God dwelling in my temple, known to the public as Pao Chang, acknowledge all blessings given by God, repent all transgressions against God, and waive all benefits without God.

Some of the information in this Waiver and Acknowledgement was based on Kurtis Kullenback’s waiver. You are welcome to use my Waiver and Acknowledgement and adapt it to your own Waiver and Acknowledgement. For this Waiver and Acknowledgement to be really effective, you need to know what it means. To learn more about it, visit KurtisRichardKallenbach.xyz.

Published on July 18, 2016