Dark Subliminal Suggestions

Authored or posted by | May 28, 2017
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Picture of a negative subliminal message

By Khris Krepcik, author of TheHoodedSage.com
Via Shift.is

In order to understand the System of Programming and Control — and even more so, how to escape the Matrix — you have to understand the power of subliminal suggestion. The world is full of dark and negative subliminal suggestions designed to influence your attitudes and inner feelings — and therefore your actions. That’s how programming and control works. It’s the constant subliminal drip-feed of fear, negativity, and the rigid intellectual opinions of the world around you — all designed to influence your conscious and subconscious human mind.

There is no way to maintain the quality of your own consciousness — without being able to neutralize the dark and negative subliminal suggestions of the outside world. You have to be able to neutralize the messages of fear, negativity, and the rigid intellectual opinions of the world that disempower you — and counter them with opposite messages that empower you.

You also have to understand that negative subliminal suggestions may not necessarily sound negative. “Positive-sounding” messages can conceal dark motives and agendas. Programming is a very clever and deceptive thing. Things are not always what they seem. Many things are the exact opposite of what they seem. So, you have to be clever and perceptive. You have to look past the positive and negative sound of things to perceive the hidden agenda behind things. You have to remember that the world of ego is the facade of the White Shadow, and you have to look beyond that facade to perceive what is real, what is not, and who is telling lies.

The world of ego uses “positive-sounding” messages to gain your allegiance and support. But using “positive-sounding” ideologies to achieve dark economic, personal, or political agendas is still a negative thing. It’s called brainwashing and manufacturing consent. It’s called a con-job. And the world uses “negative-sounding” messages to gain your allegiance and support by inducing fear and then selling you solutions and the Illusions of Security. The backside agenda is always control, greed, and profit — all at the expense of your liberation.

And while you may think that these dark subliminal suggestions come only from corporations, institutions, and political agendas through advertising, media, and the mainstream news — the reality is that the dark subliminal suggestions of fear, negativity, and rigid intellectual opinions come through the very mouths of the people around you. Because even if you are wise enough to turn off the television, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your family, friends, and co-workers are. Just because you discipline your own emotion and mind — doesn’t mean the world around you does. Just because you neutralize your own shadow traits — doesn’t mean that anyone else does. This world has very little discipline — and even less perception of these things. And just because you may have no hidden agenda — doesn’t necessarily mean that others do not.

The world is born into the System of Programming and Control — the Evolutionary Path of Ego and the Rigid Human Intellect — and the world is raised to sustain that system — oblivious to the fact that it even exists. The world is living in an illusion. And people are so accustomed to the Illusion, that they will fight and die to protect the Program. Every single person that you see is a potential Agent of that System — because every single person that you see is influenced by that System. The System breeds servants, dominates the collective human consciousness, and becomes a self-regulating and self-sustaining program executed by the very people within it.

You have to look at people with a soft eye. You can’t judge people too harshly, otherwise you are just projecting your own darkness upon them. If you fall into anger, fear, negativity, or rigid intellectual opinions — then you are the System of Programming and Control itself — which is exactly what the system wants — minions. But you do have to pay attention to what people are doing and saying, so that you can neutralize potential dark influences. And you have to be able to do it silently within your own mind, so that you don’t create conflict with others — because people think that their fear, negativity, and rigid intellectual opinions are normal. And the ego considers anything that contradicts it to be an attack.

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