Crisis Actors and False Flag Attacks

Authored or posted by | February 1, 2016
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Picture of False Flag Operations( So Many false flag events. All on occulted numeroligcal days.  3/11, 9/11, 11/13…..

So let’s meet some of the crisis actors who appear over, and over, and over again at all the staged gov’t psyop events to program fear into the masses and allow further confiscation of what little rights we have left in this country.

Credit: Modern Gnostic












what next????

Sign up at and make lots of money and create false flags, fake news and treason.


Crisis actor students … some never know they are doing government drills for real and some have to hide their identity’s for years, in other countries for big bucks, helping the NWO push through their problem, reaction, solutions.

Some of these actors are not so lucky and have to be killed off for real, so the narrative looks real.The public buy’s the whole package of fear and terror so the war machine can have more money which amounts to 55% of all US taxes go to the war machine.


image is offline … if you would like to see Crisis Actor photos from this website go to or check out Vision Box for similiar services.

For irrefutable information on the treasonous acts please see my extensive posts and abstracts.

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