The Core Meanings of Happiness

Authored or posted by | October 3, 2013
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Most people have a hard time finding happiness, because they are searching for it in the wrong places. Since the day we were born, society has conditioned us to seek for material things, such as money and luxuries, to fulfill certain desires inside us. Material things are necessary to help us evolve, but when we become too obsessed with them, they destroy our connection to the Infinite Love of Nature. This Infinite Love is what gives us life and joy. This is why most people who have achieved that state of being rich are often miserable, because they have spent too much time and energy seeking for material things.

“Happiness is not about having all the money and luxuries in the world. Happiness is about finding your purpose in life and balance within the illusion of materialism so that you can find inner-peace and love and achieve a state of bliss. You can have all the money and high-tech gadgets in the world, live in a multimillion dollar house and work at the job of your dreams, and yet all of them combined will not compare to the joy that you feel when you find true balance and inner-peace within the sea of Infinite Love of Nature.” ~ PL Chang

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  1. Bill Talada says:

    Very nice quotes! Deeper truths are a rare find.

    We are three part beings so happiness comes in three forms:
    1. Physical – having pleasures
    2. Mental – having ego satisfaction
    3. Emotional – having fun

    But these three parts are resting on a foundation of being which is
    1. Joy – being awake