Committee to Disclose the Worlds Greatest Secret: [The True Authorship of the New Testament]

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The article below contains very controversial information, so use your intuition, feelings, and critical thinking skills to discern it. Take the information that resonates with you and leave the rest behind. — Pao

Picture of the true authorship of the new testament


This Web site [] contains information on Roman and Jewish history that will be very disturbing to those who currently believe in Roman or Arabian fairy tales.

The Greatest Secret of the last 1,900 years is the True Authorship of the New Testament. When it was written, by whom, and the code systems used in it.

The New Testament was written by Arius Calpurnius Piso and his three sons, Julius, Fabius Justus, and Proculus with additional help from Piso’s granddaughter’s husband, Pliny the Younger.

Piso deliberately created hatred toward Jews, because the Judean’s religious leaders refused to accept his fraud. He and his family provoked three separate Judean revolts in order to slaughter millions of them. The Piso family used the Christian writings to inflict hatred against the surviving Jews. Arius Calpurnius Pisos’ sons and grandsons created the Catholic Church and played as the Church fathers. The Church continued creating lies and hatred against the Jews all through the middle ages. Hitler had been raised as a believing Catholic. As a schoolboy he believed these lies and hatred. Although he later doubted Catholic “truths,” he always believed its fictitious image of the evil Jews.

Today our Arab Cousins use the same medieval church lies, as well as the Russian Orthodox early 20th century fraud “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as tools of hatred against Israel and all Jews. Their leaders publish vile perversions against Jews to brainwash their trusting millions to hate and potentially murder all the Jews. Their leaders realize the Koran (also spelled Quran and Kuran) is built on the New Testament, with its 114 chapters and 19 angels guarding the gates of hell–because 114 and 19 are Piso (inner circle) numbers. The Koran contains ten fictional characters created by Piso. They are: Jesus (29x), Mary (33x), Haman (5x), Job (4x), Gabriel (3x), archangel Michael (1x), Jonah (4x), John the Baptist (2x), Zachariah (8x), and notably Satan (76x). A “holy book” cannot be divinely inspired with ten fictional characters in it—end of subject.

If after 1,933 years of Christian hatred and murder against Jews, the Jesus story or its step-child the Koran are still being used for hatred and murder against Jews. People do not need nor deserve to be brain-washed by these fictitious stories any longer.

Even though this may be the first time you have ever read this information contained in this web site you should know that your political and religious leadership have always known it and have used it to control the masses–YOU. For the past 1900 years religious and political leaders have also used this information to create hatred against the Jews and use them as scapegoats to divert their populations from the economic or political problems their own leadership had caused. Today the British, European Union, the Russians, The United Nations, and the Arab states are pushing for a forced settlement on the State of Israel. To force them to give up their rightful land that they were give by God. This “Road Map” for peace is really “Road Kill” for the Jewish State. It calls for the creation of a terrorist state made up of Arabs that originally came from Trans Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria and moved to Israel in the 20th century for jobs that Jewish settlers created for them. It also suggests that Israel should let millions of additional Arabs into Israel which would eventually eliminate the State of Israel altogether. Our organization is of the opinion that the Europeans and Arabs intended that all along. We have included on this web site our arguments why these Arabs should not have this state created and also a solution to this epidemic of anti-Semitism spreading throughout the world because of these Arab muslims.

Some of the Proofs the Piso’s wrote the New Testament

Who was Arius Calpurnius Piso?

Who Piso was and his family background is covered in the booklet The True Authorship of the New Testament which you can download and study. Piso wrote under many pen names in order to conceal his identity. Some of these names are: Flavius Josephus, Plutarch, and Manetho.

[Below is a PDF copy of the booklet titled The True Authorship of the New Testament. If you can not view the PDF, click on this link.]

The first reference book to start reading is The True Authorship of the New Testament by Abelard Reuchlin (c) 1979. This book will give you the basics of who wrote the New Testament books and when they were written (approximate dates), and the code systems used within the NT. It has a good description of who the writers were and their relationships. This book is the first time in history anyone has written about the Piso’s openly. Since its publication no one has disproved its thesis that the Piso’s wrote the New Testament.

After the Jewish revolts of 66-73 and 115-117 the Jews were a beaten people who were at the mercy of the Romans. Piso forced the Jews to insert over six of his books into the collection of books we call the Old Testament. The reason Piso wrote these books was to create the prophecies for the coming of Jesus. The Books Piso personally wrote were Zechariah, Chapter 40 to 66 of Isaiah, Job, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, I Chronicles, and most likely Malachi. Pliny the Younger wrote Ruth and Jonah.

Abelard Reuchlin wrote a series of articles that go into this period of time. He covers who wrote these books and how they were translated into Hebrew and put into the Jewish bible. The first article is called the Command Performance. Another article covers Piso’s book Ecclesiastes, which is more like his personal confessional. Ecclesiastes–Piso’s Regrets. The rest of what Piso wrote is compiled in Volume II of “Piso’s further Writings” which is available for sale and listed below.

The first version of the story about Esther was written in Piso’s writings as Josephus in his Jewish Antiquities. The Jews redid the story and create the Book of Esther, probably the greatest Jewish code book of the past 2,000 years. A complete explanation of this book can be found in “The Scroll of Ester–Villains and Heroes” (c) 2000 by Abelard Reuchlin. Presented in the booklet is a tremendous amount of proof how the Jews answered the Piso’s in code. They wanted to get back at the Piso’s for what they had done to them but unfortunately the Jews could only fight back with a war of literature.

The next booklet Mr. Reuchlin wrote was a continuation of his True Authorship of the NT book. It is entitled “Piso’s Further Writings Volumes I & II.” We make Volume one available here for you to study. It contains the following information:

I.  The Pisos’ Completion of the New Testament.
II.  Piso’s (and Arrian’s) Creation of Wisdom Literature
III.  The Creation of the Septuagint Greek Translation of the Then Existing Hebrew Bible.
IV.  The Apocrypha.

The next is an excerpt from Volume II. It is an article about the third Jewish revolt (135 c.e.) also called the Bar Cochbah revolt. This article goes over who was responsible for the revolt and how the cast of characters show up in various Jewish and Roman writings. The article goes into the hidden history and the code systems used in the writings. Why the Bar Cochbah Revolt? by (c) 2000 Abelard Reuchlin.

The last booklet we will include on this site is how the Jews inserted hints and proofs in the Talmud that the Piso’s wrote the New Testament. This article is only a small excerpt from Mr. Reuchlin’s “Talmudic Responses.” The excerpt covers the Talmud’s clues who wrote the Gospel of Mark.

The proofs Piso created the name and concept of Satan

The attached page will show some of the proofs that Piso created the name and the concept of Satan. It will explain what books he inserted it into so as to create the historical background for the name and idea of Satan.

The British and their inner circle knowledge of the Pisos.

Many British writers of note have know about the Piso’s authorship of the New Testament. These famous writers choose not to write openly about the Pisos but rather choose to use hints and subtle clues in their writings to show they also knew the great secret. The following link is to a brochure that goes into some of these writers and what they knew. Link to: Britannia and the Ring.PDF (c) 2003 Abelard Reuchlin.

Why we are presenting this information to you:

After reading the attached articles and booklets you will see that we were not kidding about revealing the worlds greatest secret and we were not bluffing. There is a great deal of additional proofs about the authorship of the New Testament as well as proofs that the religious and political leadership down through history knew about this dirty little secret and used it for their own power and ego. Previously we explained why we are disseminating this information so do not blame the Jews because you were lied to for the past 1900 years by your religious leadership.
You can look at this information as a solution to the Northern Ireland problem also. When both Protestants and Catholics find out they had both been fooled by Piso’s fraud they will soon realize hating each other makes no sense. At that point they will then hate the ones that deceived them for 1900 years.

Examples of European’s and Arab’s Hatred towards Jews and Israel

The following pages show examples of anti-Semitism demonstrated by those who created the “Road Map” (should more aptly called the “Rogue Map”). The quartet, as they are known, are Russia, the UN, European Union, and the US. Most of these countries or organizations are all pro-Arab and have a long anti-Semitic history. We have shown that both Islam and Christianity have a vested interest in eliminating the Jewish Religion because of the code within the Jewish bible that points to the Piso’s as the authors of the New Testament. That is the underlining reason why their religious leaders are anti-Semitic. They do not want their followers to find out they are crooks. We have also included a section covering the media because they also play a part in molding public opinion.

Britain: The following link presents examples of British anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli behavior over the past 70 years. The British were the ones who install the Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1930 who incited the Hebron riots of the 1920s as well as the Mufti that was an ally if Hitler and encouraged him to kill more Jews. As yourself why did the British install him and why did they keep him in that position after knowing his pro Nazi background?

United Nations: An organization that is controlled by the Arab and Muslim states, the European countries as well as third would countries. The UN has never had a problem sanctioning Israel but almost never Arab states for their actions and attacks against Israel.

The Arab states: This section shows you the only reason the Arab states allowed the Oslo accords is so they could prepare for a coordinated attack against Israel while Israel was lulled to sleep thinking the Arabs wanted peace after so many years. The section shows how they are molding public opinion to hate Jews and want war with Israel. You will see a collection of Muslim sermons preaching hatred against everyone up until this day. We have also included a 1996 House of Representatives paper that outlines a planned war between the Arab states and Israel.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) & the PLO: There real intensions for the Jews and past agreements broken and never fulfilled. This section shows how they mold their people to hate all Jews and want to kill them even if it means their own death. The overall Arab plan is that the PA/PLO become a fifth column within Israel so when war breaks out they will prevent rapid movement of troops and material from one front to another.

European Union: The E.U. is controlled by two dominate countries, France and Germany. This section will cover both countries current and past behavior towards the Jews.

The United States: Israel’s closest public ally but the U.S. State Department has been anti-Semitic and anti-Israel for over 70 years. During the 1930s they tried to keep Jews out of the country even though they knew that the Jews of Europe were going to be murdered by the Nazi’s. The most glairing example of this is when the Germans let a boatload of Jews leave on the steamship Saint Louis. F.D.R. refused them entry into the US. The State Department even suggested Cuba also not let them into their country. The State Department officials most to blame for their anti-Semitic position was Cordell Hull and Breckenridge Long.

Russia: Under the Czar’s, Communism or the current Russian Government they have always been Anti-Semitic mostly because of the religious teaching of the Russian Orthodox church. The only thing that has changed is the Russians now realize they are also targets of Muslim fanatics.

The Media: We cover some examples of media bias towards the Arabs. This bias may be because of financial reasons or political/religious reasons and we will probably never know for sure. One of the worst examples come from National Public Radio (NPR). There one-sided reporting seems to be derived from their left-wing political leanings. They never met a socialist they didn’t like.

The underlining reason for these countries and cultures hating Jews is because of religious hatred towards the Jewish religion. Now you understand this Rogue Map is nothing more then a devise by these countries to destroy the state of Israel. Please also understand why Piso’s great secret must be revealed to the Common People world-wide to stop this mindless anti-Semitism. If the world cannot see fit to let the Jews possess their rightful homeland (a country the size of New Jersey) in spite of the huge land masses controlled by Christians and Muslims, then the world is just going to loose two of its “great” religions.

Message to our Arab Cousins:

This body of knowledge will hit you especially hard because you had absolutely no idea that your “holy” book could be proven wrong so easily because it contains eight roman fictional characters within it. This is what happens when you are one “holy” book removed from the main fraud. This was the fatal mistake the Koraish family of Mohammed made by piggy-backing the Koran on the New Testament. The one thing you can claim over the Christians is that at least you prayed to only one God, not to a fictional character in a fictional story written by a long dead Roman.

Message to both Christians and Muslims:

After this body of knowledge finally sinks in we suggest you stop hating Jews and the Jewish Religion because after all you and your ancestors were also victims of Piso’s story. After you survey the existing religions you will realize that all Piso did was postpone the inevitable. The world would eventually become Jewish. As Piso prophesized in Zechariah 8:23: “In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men, out of all the languages of the nations, shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, we will go with you; for we have heard God is with you.” Yes–Piso himself prophesized the end of his own religion one day. Well thanks to the British, the European Union, the Russians, The United Nations, and the Arab states; that day has come. Welcome to the Inner Circle.

Who Owns the Land?

There is a basic legal principle and that is the one who posses stolen property (real or personal) does not have good title to the stolen property. After the third Jewish revolt against Rome about 132-135 c.e. Emperor Hadrian had the remaining Jews deported to other parts of the Roman empire. He had Jerusalem renamed to Alelia Capitolina and Judea renamed to Syria Palaestina. Their objective was to murder all the Jews and erase their existence from the region. The complete explanation of this period of time is found in the book Piso’s Further writings, Vol. 2 offered for sale listed in the books below.

As you can see the current land of Israel, formerly known as Judea, was stolen from the Jews by the Romans (the newly created Catholic church) because the Jews refused to accept Piso’s fictional story, the New Testament and Jesus. In 638 c.e. the Islamic armies invaded Palestine and stole it from the eastern Christians. God moves in mysterious ways. It seems to be very befitting that the only way the Jews are going to be truly secure in their rightful land, without the Arabs and European Christians denying them their right to the land, is to let it all hang out!! Let the whole world find out about the Piso’s and end this 1,900 year Roman fairy tale once and for all.

Important 20th century documents concerning the creation of the State of Israel:

The Jewish state was supposed to be all the land west of the Jordan River and the Arabs would be in Trans Jordan now called Jordan (now ruled by a King who’s family came from Saudi Arabia). The Jewish state was supposed to have been created after the close of World War I but after the discovery of oil in the Saudi Kingdom in the 1920s the British decided that it was not such a good idea to create a Jewish state especially if they were to develop and market Saudi oil. So by the late 1930s the British actively kept Jews out of Palestine so they could be slaughtered by the Nazi–end of the Jewish problem. The reason we are focusing on the British is because after reading the history and the documents of the period you will come to realize the British are just as guilty as the Germans for what happened to the Jews in the 1930s to 1948.

Balfour Declaration 1917
The Covenant of the League of Nations
The Palestine Mandate
British White Paper of June 1922

Our solution to the ownership of the Land:

The Balfour Declaration and the Palestine Mandate should be followed. The Jews should be recognized as the rightful owners of their ancestral land, which is all the land west of the Jordan river and south all the way to Wadi El Arish, which was the ancient border between Egypt and the land of Canaan (the current border was only created by treaty between the British and the Ottoman Empire in the early 1900s). The Arabs should be deported out of Israel back to the dictatorships they came from. This type of population shifts are very common throughout history. The Assyrians and Babylonians constantly did this after they conquered lands. After WWI the native Germans in Polish territory had to move back to the new Germany borders. In the 1930s the Russians moved millions of Ukrainians off their land and the world said nothing. In fact the New York Times writer, Walter Duranty, in Moscow never reported anything bad about old Joe Stalin and thought he was a great guy and never reported the millions of Ukraine’s starving to death there. So much for their credibility.

In June 2003 the Czech Republic had apologized to Germany for the transfer of three million German nationals out of its borders at the end of World War II. They were banished from their homes in Sudetenland by Czech President Eduard Benes in 1945. Only seven years earlier, Hitler’s troops marched into the Czech Sudetenland and were enthusiastically greeted by the large German population there. In fact, the presence of what was later called a “fifth column” of Germans in Czechoslovakia has been credited with helping Germany take over the country.

In the Late 1940s when the modern state of India was created millions of Muslims had to move out of parts of India into the newly created state of Pakistan and visa-versa for the Hindus living in Pakistan had to move to India. Many other such mass movements of populations have occurred in Africa and the far east and the UN never complained.

In 1948 when Israel became a State the Arab countries started expelling Jews from their countries and taking their property and money. It has been estimated that the value of the property stolen by the Arab states (between 1948-1952 only) from the 850,000 deported Jews amounted to over 30 billion dollars. In Egypt between 1956 to 1967 the Jews were expelled. Most just left with the clothing on their backs. The Egyptians had them sign a paper forcing them to disavow ownership of their property and money in Egypt (Link to article) In other words the Arabs stole everything they could from the Jews when they expelled them from their countries. The UN said nothing nor did they censor Egypt or any other Arab country for their treatment of the Jews.

The new “Road Map” plan for a piece of Israel to a bunch of murderous, lying terrorists

1.  Link to the new Road Map just released by the U.S. State Department on April 30, 2003.
2.  Response of the Arabs on the west bank and Gaza strip to the release of the Road Map. Lets go kill more Jews!
3.  Senate letter to Pres. Bush on roadmap: benchmarks of real performance needed
4.  Arutz-7’s Ariel Kahane studied the plan and made the following observations: Link to article
5.  Sharon blasts US ‘road map’: October 2002
6.  Bush’s “Road Map” Is A Road Map To Disaster — Will Create A Palestinian Arab Terror State That Will Endanger Israel. Second response.

This article was found on and republished on this website for educational purposes.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Pao, I’m surprised that you present this info from without comment. The “Old Testament” or Torah and Tanakh are every bit as dicey as the Gospels, “Pauline” and “General” letters and “John’s” Revelation. The idea that there was a character we now know as “Abraham”is every bit a part of fiction and scriptural deception as the fictional characters of the NT and Koran.

    The “Jews” (whoever they actually are) are, according to this piece of propaganda, just the “owners” of “all the land west of the Jordan river and south all the way to Wadi El Arish” (according to this screed) and, of course, the eternal victims of unwarranted enmity, calumny and persecution. And, of course, “The Arabs should be deported out of Israel back to the dictatorships they came from.”

    Then, I guess, “the Jews” would be all happy and satisfied to live in Eretz Yisroel in harmony with the rest of humanity, world without end, amen. Not.

    Please, this is about as insane as the leadership of the hidden cabal(s) that think they are guiding world affairs and demonstably dream of the eternal technocratic dictatorship to rule the planet.

    Who elicited the creation of The Balfour Declaration, and at what price? What is the real effect of the existence of a “Jewish State” on land revered by (deluded) faiths all over the world? Why can no one talk publicly about the nature of Jewish Power without being attacked, defamed and called “Anti-Semitic?”

    Perhaps you can publish a well-considered analysis and qualification of this content.

    • Seth Kantor says:

      Bruce, your points are well made. This article reads like it came straight from B’nai Brith. Talk about bias. “Christ and Satan are fictions” and “the Jews have been eternally oppressed”. This kind of nonsense is usually perpetuated by Zionist Jews as is the lie about “the Protocols of Zion” being a fraud. It’s laughable to try and blame long dead Romans for the negative feelings that some feel towards Jews. We are swamped with evidence to the contrary right now! You only need look to the dual citizenship US/Israeli White House staffers (AIPAC controlled and funded by George Soros) who bully, blackmail and dictate policy to US Congress and Senate members while making no secret of their overall agenda.It reads like the Protocols playbook. It’s played out month by month, year by year. They fund and support hateful eradication campaigns against white Christian populations and Middle Eastern Arabs.Their minions in the ACLU, the SPLC etc etc, constantly stir racial hatred between non-whites and whites.It’s comical to try and lay the blame anywhere but with the Jews. They aren’t alone of course but they play a pivotal role. Screaming “Anti-Semite” only confirms it more. As has been said more and more, “if you want to know who’s in charge look at who you are prohibited from criticizing”. Who said this matters not. It’s true. Free speech is being eradicated and the Zionist Jews are in the box seat for it’s cause. Denying Christ or Yeshu ben Pandera ever existed is only part of the campaign to destroy Christianity and as such is “gravy” for the Zionists. This article about the Pisos is garbage.

      • Pao Chang says:

        I do not agree with everything in this article but it contains some information that people should really investigate before blaming everything on the Jews.

        Did it ever cross your mind that the State of Israel is not controlled by the Jews, just like the United States is not controlled by Americans?

        Did you know that nearly every “country” throughout the world operates under Roman Law (e.g., civil law, canon law, maritime law, admiralty law, statute law and commercial law)?

        Did you know that nearly every government and church throughout the world have been incorporated and that all corporations are controlled by the Vatican?

        Did you know that the Pope is also known as the Bishop of ROME?

        Before you start blaming everything on the Jews, do some very deep research on the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, which is alive and well today and more powerful than ever. The link below is a good place to start.

        • Bruce says:

          Hi Pao – I CERTAINLY don’t blame everything on the Jews. I have read several of your articles on the Roman Catholic perversion of the global administrative system and undermining of real law. I also lean more in the direction of the creation of the Catholic (universal doctrine of heresy) Church being primarily a creation of Roman aristocracy for the purpose of centuries of social engineering.

          I do not know who is really in charge at the upper levels of the hierarchical systems (pyramid). But, I also think that massive power is now being wielded by the apparently Jewish-identified networks. Who knows if the people who run that system are religious Jews or even actually Jewish-identified (some of the “Neocons” seem to be non-Jewish Zionists). So who is behind Zionism?

          It seems clear that the banker-backed cabal that took down Russia after the destabilization of the October Revolution, had extreme enmity toward Russian Orthodox society. Many of the Bolsheviks are documented to be (largely “atheistic”) Jews. This conforms to the stories that one of the Rothschilds swore to eliminate the Russian monarchy for blocking the creation of a world government at the Congress of Vienna in 1814, and ordered the murders of Czar Nicholas and his family. Millions of Russian intelligentsia were also brutally murder in the effort to permanently cripple Russian culture and society.

          A local group here in Santa Cruz, California, were recently blocked from hosting Christopher Bollyn, with 3 local venues refusing to allow us to present him. One of them cancelled the event at 3:30 pm on the day of the event. This is because the Jewish networks have identified Bollyn as a threat for merely presenting the evidence of the Likud-backed Israeli intelligence participation in creating and running the 9/11 “attacks.” Though Bollyn has never said anything against the Jewish people, he is none-the-less simply labeled a “Jew-hater,” and, of course “Anti-Semite” and it’s end of discussion.

          If the Catholic Church and/or Jesuits are really in control of the globalist cabals (Committee of 300, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, etc.?), they are certainly using the Jewish networks, literally thousands of organizations, to have profound impacts on world affairs.

          Another line of inquiry hinges on admissions that Ignatius Loyola and co-founder of the Jesuits and Loyola’s successor, Diego (James) Laynez were both Maranos, i.e. crypto-Jews (see The nature of Jewish identity is an important question that is now just beginning to enter public awareness. I highly recommend the work of Gilad Atzmon, author of The Wandering Who, and the work of Michael Hoffman, who, through analysis of the Talmud sheds light on the nature of Jewish Rabbinical thinking and control of extreme Jewish orthodoxy. I have read one book, Waters Flowing Eastward, which claims that a Jewish hegemony was created as early as the 2nd century AD, and that one of its key attributes was a precursor to modern intelligence services that has continued to this day. This relates to many assertions that the Rothschilds had the most powerful intelligence apparatus in Europe as early as the beginning of the 19th century. Who is penetrating whom? Who is running the show(s)?

          Whoever it is, it is not “The Jews,” obviously. For me the question is, who is secretly at war with the rest of humanity, and what are their goals? If they want to suppress the freedom and natural rights of anyone, or any other group, they are an illegitimate force. Certainly more research is required, as well as understanding the psychology that drives the pathology of power.

        • Seth Kantor says:

          Pao I know it may “sound” like I’m blaming everything on “the Jews” (along with thousands of authors and videographers) but the evidence is pretty damning. My mother’s family come from Austrian Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants so I have no anti-Jewish hate agenda. Your statement that Israel and the US could ultimately be controlled by the Vatican is well made. The increasing evidence suggests that the Roman empire didn’t die out but simply morphed into the Vatican, the Black Nobility and the European Royal families. I won’t offend you or Bruce by lecturing on information that you’d likely already be aware of. As to Jewish hegemony, its as David Icke says, there are Jewish people who vehemently oppose Zionism but there are also Rothschild Zionists who are very unified, well financed and who aggressively dive into roles of control and suppression whenever anyone criticizes them. Yes they’re likely being used just as parts of Islam are being used to keep us in perpetual war. What we need to see is more positive Jewish people stand up and deny Zionism. They’re there but we need them to be more vocal. The same for Islam AND…yes Christianity but the latter appears to be all but silent anyway.