Is Comet Ison a Comet or Something Else?

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I have been seeing articles and hearing rumors that comet Ison has separated into three objects and may not be a comet; rather, it may be some kind of piloted object. Whether this is true is hard to say. Once it gets near Earth, we should be able to see if this object is a natural comet or some kind of spacecraft.

Comet Ison with 2 Objects

The following interview is full of shocking statements from a whistleblower. I do not agree with everything he said, but he did reveal some interesting information. I advise using your intuition to help you discern this video.

Whistleblower Exposes Government Shutdown,FEMA, UFO Coverup and Ison

This next video talks about the power grid drill that is supposed to occur today in the US (November 13, 2013) and tomorrow. It also talks about the strange properties of comet Ison.

Chinese Troops and US Navy in Hawaii

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