Bradley Loves: The Great CON of Man and the New World Order – Part 7 Through 11

Authored or posted by | November 2, 2014
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The content in block quotation is written by Bradley Loves. His content is a must read for people who want to know how the Dark Magicians (the Controllers), the leaders of the New World Order (NWO), are able to manipulate most people into giving up their natural rights without infringing on their free will. His content is broken down into 11 parts. If you haven’t read part 1 through part 6, I highly advise that you read part 1 through part 6 before continuing. Please be aware that by publishing his content doesn’t mean that I agree with everything in it. However, I’m aware of the information in his content and I do agree with a significant percentage of it.


The fact of the matter is, I could keep writing until the cows come home, since there is now enough evidence everywhere to prove what I’m saying is the truth.

Sure, it’s not all in one place yet, and, yes, we do have to look for it. Just because the information gathering process is NOT EASY, however, does not excuse us as a group from having to do that kind of work. This is why we are here! Those who are supportive of the Satanic New World Order have made it very difficult to figure things out and HIDDEN almost all of the truthful and correct information, while at the same time spreading like proverbial “wildfire” countless untruthful, false, article of “dis”- information.

(Do you think they are terrified that their plans will be exposed?).

The payrolls for internet trolls, fake writers, hacks, and NWO computer geeks has swelled to the extent that it probably rivals the GDP of small countries at this point. THEY are not backing down; nor should we!

Congress passed an emergency law last year giving the CIA permission to LIE in print without having to fear personal prosecution for spreading constant lies. This is just another law we needed for our security??

Let’s expose one of the biggest secrets of our day. The NWO is always talking about terrorists. They were talking about the need to get the terrorists back at 9/11 for the fake Trade Center fiasco, when they passed the Patriot Act to help get those terrorists.

If you look, however, at who they are targeting with these laws, you’ll find that the ones they are the most afraid of ARE TRUTH-TELLERS!

You’ll also remember they’ve been using “time travel” to gather future data, and bring all that information back in time. So naturally, long about 1995 or so, they would have seen the exposure of all of their dastardly plans coming about after 2012.


They needed to immediately pass laws to eavesdrop on everyone in the whole world to get those Terrorists. But in 1995, even the Congress could not see a need for such dastardly laws.

(They weren’t privy to the same time traveled information and data, to which the select few who wanted these laws passed were privy.)

So the real Terrorists, who were “terrifying” them the most, were truth tellers who were going to expose them. Yikes!!! So all of these “world leaders” were actually not lying to us when they told us on television that they were terrified, they just skipped over telling us that what they really were terrified of was the truth coming out!

Now you know why they told all of us that terrorists were everywhere. All of these so called AL Qaida, or ISIS, or any other “fake group” that they are fighting (ones who they claim are terrorists), are in fact their own selves in disguise (CIA dressed in costumes) so that they can JUSTIFY all those very dastardly laws that they passed (Patriot Act) to get to the real terrorists — the truth tellers!

Again BAIT and SWITCH, the ancient CON, used once more because it always works so well.

Thus, you have Edward Snowden, a terrorist, and Julian Assange, a terrorist, because those men don’t like secrecy and exposed the truth. Many internet journalists are now being shut down, hacked, spied upon, and some are even arrested. Some have even been murdered.

Yet the Patriot Act gives the Government the right to kill them because they are telling the truth and they are terrorists.

Now getting back to their “counter the terrorists plan”. We’ve seen it developing over the last 10 years or so. It has been the complete infiltration and hijacking of not only the “Internet Truth Movement”, but the “New AGE Spiritual Movement”, and the “Channeled Message Movement” so that they have dis-info agents, plants and hacks everywhere trying to control and contain, and redirect the message.

How can they possibly do this and get it right? Isn’t it all too big?

– TIME TRAVEL -Quantum Access –

They have been bringing back future data for 50 years. They know the message, who’s presenting it, and who to look for. They also have formulated a way to co-opt the message, redirect it and use it to try to stay in power. The Satanists are using every dirty trick in the book to win!

There are those so called “New Agers” or “Light Workers” who have sat (doing nothing) and listening to Channeled Messages for 30 years or more, not realizing that the Satanists knew very well (from time traveled data) that these messages were problematic. Thus, they devised a very high tech work around, by placing a network of Secret Towers all across the World that were broadcasting VLF and ULF waves to obstruct legitimate channeling and to insert their OWN messages into the channeled stream!

Enter the GWEN TOWERS!

Here is a link to a description PLEASE STOP and read this.

I was told by a former CIA asset personally, face to face, that THIS was the biggest threat the world faces.

Please read the “second sentence” just below the map! This is so very important that I’ll write it here:

– They are also used to send synthetic telepathy disguised as infrasound to those victims of US government mind-control implants. –

Due to the chem-trailing, and the nano-particles in the air, and the food we buy, most humans now have workable implants in them.

Most Channelers, (not all, but most) are receiving synthetic telepathy disguised as infra-sound meaning their so called Spiritual messages are now compromised. This technology is part of the break-away civilizations tool box, along with zero point energy, holographic computers, and Astral Implants

I will not list the many, many channelers that I no longer trust, but I will name one for your benefit, that I think is still on target, and that one is Veronica Keen! The proof that her message is on target, is how blatantly the satanists are attacking her.

The channels that claim that the NWO is gone, is already defeated, that there are no bad ET’s out there, only good ones — are all “compromised” channels. The worst part of that is, they are taking many lighted souls out of service and out action, which of course the Satanists want.


– Everything we are seeing in the world today HAS to be seen and understood from the point of view that TIME has been compromised! –

One night, I sat watching a video of a lecture being given in a Washington D.C. hotel. The speaker was Phil Corso Jr., the son of the late Colonel Philip Corso, the Army Intelligence Officer who wrote the Book: The Day After Roswell.

Not only was Colonel Corso a highly decorated officer, but he also worked in the White House under Eisenhower and in the Pentagon under Kennedy. He was the first man, as far as I knew, to claim in print (in his book) that there were bases on the Moon, and also on Mars.

His son was giving a lecture on advanced technology and time travel.

“UFO’s are NOT the big secret” he was saying. “In fact, the Government would have come clean with that years ago if not for one thing….”

I watched the younger Corso pause for effect….

“The one thing that the government cannot ever admit to at ANY cost is that TIME HAS BEEN COMPROMISED…This was the one thing that would get anyone, anywhere, killed instantly a few years ago if they disclosed it…”

“At this point,” he continued, “There are some who are more willing to let this kind of thing out now, and I am always told,” he added, “what I can and cannot say in these lectures. Yes, I’ve sold out, but I’m protecting my family,” he finished, frowning sadly.

In the rest of the lecture Corso said that the reason UFOs were secret is that the technology they used in intergalactic flight was, in fact, a type of time travel, and that almost ALL of the conventional physics taught in regular Universities was total bunk. If they talked about UFOs and where they came from, conventional physics would not support travel from that distance. That type of technology itself BY DEFAULT made UFOs a necessary secret.

Later, I remember watching a rerun of the older Corso being interviewed by a late night talk show host when his book first came out. (approx 1991). The question was: How can you even be saying all this stuff and get away with it? I mean there is no one out there in the military backing you up. No one!

I watched the elder Corso smile, as he said, “And have you noticed that all they DO ever say [the military] is: We Have No comment On The Book.”

“Why is that?” The host asked.

“Because I am a Retired Colonel from the US Army in good standing, and any military person anywhere who calls me a liar either in print or on television, I could have thrown into the brig for smearing an officer. My rank still stands.” He added.

“My commanding officer passed away recently, and I am the last officer in charge of the particular intelligence that we were keeping secret.” Since I am the last one living, the decision, whether or not to reveal it falls to me. I choose to tell. There isn’t anyone else who can tell me not to, since this intelligence was not theirs to keep — even a General couldn’t, because he was not read into it.”

After watching that interview, I determined to find out everything about Time Travel, the Moon Base, the Mars Base, and the rest. I went to lectures and watched videos. I got a real break in late 2009 when Andy Basaigo did his first Coast to Coast interview with George Noory, and spilled the beans about Teleportation and Project Pegasus.

It was through Andy that I was able to meet, and talk with his friend Brett Stillings. The man was living near Pasadena, California, and I called him and set up a meeting one day just to talk. He was very happy to meet with me.

He was an interesting man, who, like Andy had told me, was very bright, but after working with the CIA for many years had had his mind severely messed with. Still, he was fun and interesting to chat with, and was very forthcoming in a lot of ways.

We were sitting outside a nice coffee shop, having really great coffee.

“Were you really on Mars?” I asked him, getting right to the point.

He simply nodded affirmatively. “I worked a lot for the CIA afterwards,” he said, and he began to tell me about working with the Grays, certain advanced weapons that the government had gotten from the Grays, and about his life and his Dad’s life, working for the company.

Talking about hand held weapons, “They are literally electro pulse guns,” he said. “Three settings — the first one stuns, the second setting kills, and the third setting will vaporize anything.”

“Sounds like Star Gate stuff to me.” I sighed.

“Yea, but these guns really exist!” he said emphatically.

“Have you ever had it done to you?” I asked him.

“Everybody gets it done to them at least once—on the stun setting — just to see what it feels like, unless you have a weak heart; in that case, even the stun setting might kill you,” he added.

“And they got these from . . . ?” I asked.

“The Grays” he repeated.

We talked for several hours and ended up driving to a very nice park.

“I was almost broke and living on the streets many times,” he said sadly. “That’s what they do to you if you don’t like to play their game— their way. They mess your life up.” He added. “I never liked working for these guys, they can be really abusive.”

I simply stared at him.

“One time I was, actually sleeping on the street with no money, and no place to live, and a guy appeared out of nowhere, and gave me money and a job. I think my Dad sent him from the past.”

“Your Dad?” I asked.

“It must have been time travel” he said, “because the guy who was helping me said they had found out that I was being punished for talking too much, and he was going to save me.”

“Really,” I said intrigued. “Who were you talking to when you said too much?” I asked.

“I don’t know. All I know is that they said I was seen sitting in a park near JPL at a picnic table talking to some guy.”

(We were at a picnic table in a park.)

“Which park were you in?” I asked. “This one,” he said.

Well, what table were you at?” The one we are sitting at,” he smiled.

“What???” I blurted.

He laughed. “I don’t know if you’re the guy or not—maybe not, but even if you are, I’ve already paid for it, so don’t worry.”

Later he showed me his Google Earth page littered with hundreds of dropped pins on every Monument, Military Base, and other locations, as well — with lines of distance, and angles of degrees, written in, making a crazy spiderweb pattern on the globe that appeared on his computer screen.

He said, “these guys are wacko into Magic! There isn’t a Base, a Metropolitan area, a monument, or a church, that isn’t an exact number of distance in miles, or special degree of angle from the next important thing. The whole planet is set up like some wacked out Satanic chess board.” He added. “It’s all magic!”

I left him, thinking that this magic thing needed to be looked into far more deeply.

It was a few months later, after making many contacts on Social Networking Sites that I was contacted by a man I didn’t know. He claimed to also know about Mars, and a few people who had been there.

“I don’t know what you’ve heard, but the Humans from Earth aren’t the only people there.” he wrote.

“Who else lives there?” I wrote back.

“Native Martian humans, and other native Martians, some Grays, but there is also a colony of Anunnaki,” he wrote.

“As I understand it, the Anunnaki are gone!” I shot back him.

“Well that’s not true,” he wrote. “They are still very much around. In fact they think they own the Earth.”

“From what I was told, they abdicated the Earth in the Early 1990s.”

“Nope, still here, at least as far as I know—and on Mars, as of 2004, which came from one of the guys I know who was there.”

“Well, I did happen to see a video of Kerry Cassidy interviewing Bob Dean who sort of ‘halfway’ alluded to the idea that the Anunnaki were still around.”

“They are!” The man said. “In fact, MARDUK, spends a lot of his time in Vegas.”

“THEE Marduk? The jerk who tried to take over the Earth from his family, and enslave everyone living here? That guy is an absolute BRAT!” I wrote back.

There was a very long pause.

“I’ve never heard anyone talk about him like that. Most people are scared of him. You’ve got some cahones saying that in print.” He wrote finally.

“Well, IF he exists, he must be what? 5,000, 10,000, 100,000 years old?”
I wrote.

“He looks about 40,” the man wrote, “Very good looking, and likes to sit at gambling tables all by himself.”

“Well they DONT OWN the Earth!” I wrote angrily. “And they don’t own me!” I added.

“You’re sure brave,” he wrote finally.

“Listen,” I wrote to him, “I am an immortal soul, infinite and eternal. I have Prime Creator backing me up! Only HE is the creator of souls. No other being deserves my respect or awe. I don’t care HOW OLD Marduk is, he will die eventually, and he will pay for any misdeeds like every other soul.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” the guy wrote, “I agree with you, it’s just that the US Military seems to be working with these guys, so we have to be careful.”

“Well that figures .” I wrote back.

“Every time a new alien race comes along, the Military believes everything they say.”

“When will these Military-types turn spiritual, and realize that we are ALL equal souls in the eyes of Prime Creator, AND that no other races out there are more special than the others,—just more advanced.” I said.

The guy then thanked me and left the site that we were on.

That was weird I thought, which finally set me thinking back on my entire life. I spent days going over each year of my life, and my memories of it, and suddenly concluded that very strangely, most of the people I knew, or did work for, or seemed to just pop into my life, were ALL MILITARY!

Some worked for the Navy, Some for the Marines, while others were former assets for the CIA, and other agencies.

Since I’m in construction, and build things for a living, I don’t know how many jobs I was called to do for countless ‘military types.’ It was then that I began to wonder if I, too, was being tracked through time!


– The LOVE that we have within ourselves is all we need to defeat the dark. Never, Never think that you are powerless-

True Love has always has been the way forward. This is because our REALITY is a collectively created magnetic hologram.

It can be changed through “right action”, and “right thinking”, which is why there is such a dark thing as Mind Control in the first place.

Think logically: Why would the dark NEED to control our thoughts, if they didn’t need us to help them create the dark reality that they dream of.

This is a REAL problem for them. They just can’t take over — they just can’t install what they want on this Earth! At least on some level, they must get our agreement.

Why do they spend billions and trillions of dollars telling us lies on the TV news, trying yet once again to “get our agreement” to go to war ? Or, for any of the other things they want?

It is because on a “supernatural” level they are restricted from creating anything into reality that the masses DONT WANT, or don’t agree to.

So this proves it. They need our agreement, which is another way to say they need our consent!

Just skip over the idea for the moment that they are lying to get it. (Many people are having a very difficult time with that part of the equation.)

Just notice that if MOST of the population is vehemently opposed to something they want, it does NOT happen.

The magicians will tell us if something they want doesn’t get achieved that it wasn’t the right time, or that they changed their mind,. BUNK! They wanted it bad, only they NEED the consent of the masses to get any dark thing to manifest here. That’s the way it works on Earth.

Think of the ENTIRE Earth as if it were a “Wishing Booth” where all you have to do is go in, and make a wish, and your wish comes true.

Only, because there are so many people on the planet, the wish can only comes true when a critical amount of us – let’s just say 20 to 30 percent – all agree on the same thing.

Now you know why it is in the best interest of the Illuminati to OWN all of the media!

If they can sway public opinion in their direction, by repeating over and over again the NEED for something they want, IT REMOVES THE MAGICAL RESTRICTION, against doing something very bad on the planet once they get enough of us to agree (CONSENT).


Because a critical number of us agreed to their plan! That’s ALL they need.

We don’t even have to vote on it, that’s not necessary. The Universe knows our thoughts! Every second of every day, the collective thoughts of the entire planet are recorded and tabulated by the Universe.

If the Cosmic Intelligence sees that half of the USA thinks we need to bomb Syria, then all magical restrictions are removed from stopping the CABAL from doing so. (Since there was collective agreement to do a bad thing).

The sad flip-side to this, however, is that the Karmic lesson for taking such a brutal action gets spread out to all of the souls that agreed to that action, which then made it possible. So those souls take a hit.

Oh Yes! The CABAL knows this. (They are Dark Magicians) They are Satanists. Of course they know this. Do you think they care about any Karmic baggage you will get as a result of believing their lie?

YES, they are lying, fabricating, and misleading us. But the Universe does not care about that. The Earth Reality is like a magical wishing booth, and whatever most of the participants here are wishing for — is EXACTLY what the Earth gets.

Yes, this is a very magical reality. It can do anything. It is a magnetic hologram, which is why the Satanists want it so badly. Their desires and dreams are dark. They want to be a Kings and Queens and rule on high, with nothing but slaves and serfs under them! They want to be able to do anything, without having to ask for, or ever answer for it.

Now how could they ever get there, if they need we the people to agree?

Have you ever read a book, or seen a movie where certain people get so beat down, and so despairing, AND so helpless, that they just accept their fate?

This is HOW it CAN happen. If enough of the living souls on Earth, just roll over and accept what they get, then the Universe will have NO CHOICE but to give them this very hard lesson for their own good.

Still, there is great love for the Earth, AND for those souls who are trapped here! Prime Creator sees everything happening here!

Much to the chagrin of the Dark Magicians, Prime Creator keeps “sending” more and more KIND and loving souls into the mix, which has the effect of stifling and slowing down their progress towards a DARK reality.

NOW can you imagine why the CABAL hates light workers and truth tellers so much? We are standing in their way. We are blocking the path to their New World Order Dream! They can’t “manifest” it unless a critical amount of people on the planet on some level agree to it and ASK for it. They would do this by simply giving up, and giving in!

So, never mind that the CABAL have lied through their teeth, robbed, pillaged and stolen to get us where we now are. As I’ve already said. The Universe does NOT CARE that they are lying to us, it only cares if we “”agree” to what they want.

That’s where the endless mind control, deception, magic, bribes, black mail, murder, and the rest come in. Their idea is to get our agreement through BRUTE FORCE!

So for the masses to be suddenly waking up — and knowing the truth — is their worst nightmare!! They need to SILENCE the truth tellers.

The truth that they are most terrified of is that We can STOP them by removing our CONSENT. It’s the magical key!

We live in a Supernatural reality! They know this! Never mind that they’ve never told us this. YOU know it NOW!

Now is when you can make a new choice! Now is the only time that we have. We must use it to come together in UNITY!

LOVE is the power behind our collective WILL to change our course.

The CABAL wants a dark reality on this planet. What do YOU WANT?

Your vote counts, and is BEING counted as we speak, every moment of every day! The universe sees it, the Cosmic Intelligence knows. Remove your consent to what the CABAL wants for the world. Use the Declaration Jean Provided!

We can defeat them magically, we can defeat them supernaturally! We can defeat them by playing the same game they are.

They are playing chess, we cannot play checkers and beat them at chess. We have to play chess as well.


— Every word that we use is part of the Great CON —

A Con that has been going on for a very long time —

Ideas are how we as a species communicate. Words are simply tools that facilitate in that communication. What if at some point in time, in a place in history we no longer remember, our language was actually hi-jacked and re-formulated so that words we are presently using DO NOT MEAN what we think they mean.

The Illuminati prides itself on being smarter than the average “useless eater” living in the world. They use signs and symbols to identify both ideas, and other members within their ranks. Our seeming ignorance is a big JOKE to them, which is why they thought our awakening was next to impossible.

Remember how I wrote in the 1st installment of this series that the very word Con is a negative. Perhaps it’s time to look at a few more words then.

Here’s one: Convict.

A convict, is a “conned” victim, or, a victim of a CON. Remember how I wrote that NO one goes to jail unless their consent is ‘tricked’ out of them first. So our “rulers” have given us this word, to laugh at us right directly into our face, and then they wink-wink to themselves.

Men and women “they” send to prison are “convicts”, or victims of the CON.
Have you noticed that no matter how many of “us” they send to jail, NONE of “them” EVER end up behind bars — or even in a courtroom?

The crimes they commit are both legendary and Cosmic, however — wink, wink, “they” run things, so the law does not APPLY to them.

Another Word: Concept.

A concept is a “conned” thought. It is the idea brought forth as the result of a Con. In this word “cept”, means to “take in”, or to “seize”. In slang, when a person has been conned, we say that he has been “taken”, or he was “taken in” by another’s lies.

All major universities teach our children “concepts”, which here again, is the illuminati’s way of laughing at our so-called education, because we are “taken in” by their lies.

Our species was given a language that has Double Meanings, and Hidden Meanings. The words we are forced to use, do not mean what we THINK they mean. Those who are the Dark Magicians USE this “word magic” against us, knowing all the while we are at a severe disadvantage when we use them.

Again, they think they are so much better and smarter than the common man that they don’t even care.

Getting back to Judge Dale, just one example that he pointed out is that when ANY JUDGE asks you — do you understand these charges I’ve read to you —

They are NOT asking if you comprehend them!

With word magic, “because they are magicians” they believe that words can be both backwards and forwards, thus, they love words which can be read exactly the same backwards and forwards.

In that sense, according to Judge Dale, what the judge is really asking you is this: Do you “stand under” the charges I’ve read to you?”

Which means: are you willing to “agree” to these charges? Do you CONSENT to them? If you do, then let’s have a “trial” in a “court”!

So when you say “yes I understand”, they take that (and reverse it magically) to mean that you agree to “stand under” the charges — and their authority. All by your CONSENT!

Now, “no elite” would ever get caught this way. They understand language. They understand “word magic”. Remember how I said earlier that advanced races don’t even use words, they use telepathy to send ideas.

Our language was given to us by those who “wished us” to be enslaved under them.

So next time a judge asks you, do you understand the charges, say NO!

Once you’ve been fooled into consenting to “stand under” their authority (which you should never do), then you get to “play their game” — The great CON.

So now you go to “court” — All games are usually played on a court. Of course you as the victim are just getting bounced back and forth by the opposing lawyers who are “playing you” like a ball, in their “court.”

And when they are done “playing” with you, and have had enough, (and taken enough of your money) you become the ultimate victim of the CON, and are turned into a CONvict. (Wink, wink)

Nice of these elites to tell us it’s all just a game, a scam, a dog and pony show for the masses. It’s all about managing the useless eaters — and making money off of them.

Most prisons in America are now privately run, which means that they are FOR PROFIT Institutions. They need to make money for their owners and stockholders, which is why there are more people in jail in America than almost all other countries combined!

There are more rules, regulations, and limitations now than ever in the past.
Each new limitation helps in “conning” more people into consenting to the elites authority over them.

Why not, however, BE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY?

Here’s a novel idea. You as an infinite and immortal soul already are YOUR OWN AUTHORITY. Why pray tell, do you then need to be under anyone else’s?

When I said, its all magic, I was not joking! The Dark Magicians, or elites, have their OWN schools for their own children. Their children are taught VERY differently than the commoners’ children. The commoners do not “get” to learn anything of consequence because they are not “worth it” according to the elites.

Here is a great video lecture by Jordan Maxwell.
He is the original “symbologist”, and he understands word magic very well indeed.

The video is called: Magic Dominates The World.

This video is so very informative that I won’t say any more. Just Please watch it!



Personal Authority is a most empowering thing! Taking responsibility for one’s life changes completely the way that one thinks and acts.

Right now, many, many souls are greatly frustrated by the CABAL, and by its attempts to limit their freedoms. I’ve already told you how, and why they have no Authority to do that! If you take my advice and watch the Jordan Maxwell video, then you’ll understand that I was telling you the absolute truth.

So, what’s stopping you from taking your power back? Are you so trained to just do what you’re told, that you can’t go against their authority? (which is fictional anyway).

Is freedom THAT scary to you that you would rather NEVER take full responsibility for you own life, being, and existence? Will you always want someone else telling you what to do? This is why the elite think that the useless eaters are helpless without them!

My Brothers and Sisters, the Universe IS WATCHING. It’s counting and tabulating your daily — and your moment by moment — choices to either CHOOSE to be free, OR choose (by your FREEWILL) to keep allowing these psychopaths to tell you what to do, and how to do it.

I’m sorry to be so blatant, and to have to be so honest here, but there ARE ONLY TWO choices: FREEDOM or enslavement. No others, and no in-between.

Freedom will NOT be given to you, because it was never TAKEN from you, according to Prime Creator.


So according to Prime Creator, you must take it back, by your CHOICE.

WE are all his children! How does it help us, if HE indulges the silly notion that we are tiny and powerless, when he gave each of us unlimited power?

What does a parent do when he sees his perfectly healthy child rolling on the ground saying — I can’t walk, I can’t walk, when his legs are perfectly fine?

The parent smiles and says: your legs are fine, they are not broken, GET UP. (This is how simple it is.)

The people running this planet are psychopaths! So, don’t listen to any of them. Their laws “do not apply” to you anyway. If you wish, re-read this entire series to find out why. Watch the Jordan Maxwell video. He will tell you the same thing. Read chapter five of Judge Dales e-book, he will tell you the same thing! The cat is out of the bag. Will you choose to learn?


So, IF you are waiting for your personal freedom to be given back to you, THAT will never happen. Certainly the Dark Magicians are not going to show you where the key is to get out of their prison! They want you there!

IF THEY are not going to give you your freedom, then you must TAKE IT BACK!

You do this by CLAIMING IT. Use the Declaration Jean provided.

Then you refuse their authority over you. Watch the first 30 minutes of the Jordan Maxwell video again. He, by the way, has dozens and dozens of videos on YouTube, each one very important! Spend two or three days watching only him! Learn what he knows!

Click Here to view all youtube videos by Jordan Maxwell.

All of our lives, we’ve been lied to, so we need to take time to learn the truth. If, after all of this, you do not re-claim your freedom, then you will remain a slave by your own choice.

Since the dark, is not showing you the key, I, and many others like me, are willing to show you where it is. It is in your very own courage to BE Free by choice.

As I’ve said, Prime Creator cannot give you back your Freedom, because it is NOT gone! He did not take it, YOU GAVE IT UP TO OTHERS.

And, by now you can see that those to whom you gave it are all totally insane, so why would you waste one more second following their rules or their authority?

FREEWILL is the greatest gift any man or woman can have. To throw it away is a mistake. But, if you do, then, by your own choice, you will learn the very hard lesson of what REAL enslavement is all about.

Learn, learn, learn the magic by which they trick you. Read Judge Dales e-book. Yes, you were lied to, but please get over that and move on to freeing yourself.


I offer this in the most profound love and respect to my living family.

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Category: Natural & Universal Laws, New World Order

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  1. Ron says:

    I’ve never heard of Bradley Loves the name doesn’t seem to exist in the world’s search engines. Who is Bradley Loves? Thank you.

  2. Craig Blevins says:

    Thank you. I appreciate your publishing this for us. Namaste