The Birth of an Angel

Authored or posted by | October 2, 2013
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This poem about an angel is my first poem since middle school. It has been over 15 years since I wrote a poem. This poem was inspired by a beautiful lady who reminded me of an angel, because her soul was so full of joy, life, and laughter.

Angel Flower

Flickr Commons: Image provided by Darren Carroll

The Birth of an Angel

As the white door creeks open and the golden light shines through,
I hear the ambient voices of souls dancing around so free.
Gazing nervously I see one soul illuminating with the essence of baby blue hue.
Her eyes soft and filled with sorrow, but when she smiles they glitter with glee.

The darkness absorbs the light and the air turns chilly.
The soul with the blue hue keeps laughing, free like a child with no worries.
The dense air vibrates with chatter as other souls start to act silly.
She dances, time seems to stop, and the humming of quietness fills the room with white flurries.

As the darkness becomes more intense and the smell of liquor stings the nose,
She spreads her wings, her aura cleanses the room, and from the Heavens appears a unicorn.
They make eye contact, the light reflects from his eyes into hers, and he sees a soul as beautiful as a rose.
Their energies become unified, resonating with the essence of love, an angel is finally born.

By P.L. Chang

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