The Beautiful Prehistoric World: Is Earth Now a Wasteland?

Authored or posted by | Updated on | Published on October 10, 2016
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Earth is a beautiful blue planet that has gone through many changes. Some people believed that Earth used to be a world filled with mythical creatures and magic. Others believed it used to have a landscape that is more beautiful than the picture below.

Picture of Avatar Concept Art

The following two videos reveal some very interesting information about what Earth may look like tens of thousands of years ago or possibly hundreds of thousands of years ago. Did Earth use to have trees as large as small mountains? Are there actually no forests on Earth? Is Earth now a wasteland? The videos below might have clues to help answer these questions. Watch the videos and come up with your own conclusions.

The Prehistoric World Exposed – Ancient Structures That Will Blow Your Mind!!

There are No Forests on Earth! (ENGLISH VOICEOVER)

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