Bank Loan Fraud: Banks “Accept” Loans as “Deposits” of Money

Authored or posted by | April 15, 2014
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In the article below, the author exposes the dirty secrets of bank loans and why banks don’t have the legal right to sell a borrower’s promissory note to other investors. Most bank loans aren’t really money but are promissory notes that only have value because the borrower agreed to pay the bank back with real money. For this reason, banks don’t really have the right to foreclose people’s homes, because they didn’t loan borrowers real money in the first place. In other words, this method of loaning money to borrowers is based on fraud.

“Show Me The Money”

People are mislead as to what money is and where the money comes from to fund a bank loan check. Most people incorrectly think that money is only cash and that other depositors funded the bank loan check. Everyone agrees the borrower should repay the lender. We all agree we should repay the one who funded the loan. The problem is that most people are mislead as to who funded the loan.

In America, money is more than just cash. Money is anything that has value and can be sold for cash and is accepted as money. If you use gold to buy a car, the gold is used as money. If you have $10,000 of government bonds that can be sold for $10,000 of cash and you use the bonds to buy a $10,000 car, you used the bonds as money.

Banks routinely accept bonds as money and deposit the bonds into checking accounts. If the bank accepted $5,000 of bonds from you, deposited the bonds into your checking account, and loaned the $5,000 to a borrower, the borrower should repay the bank, and the bank should return the $5,000 to you. A bond is a fancy name for a promissory note (a promise to pay).

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