Babies Being Prepared for AI & Transhumanism Through Vaccines & Medicine

Authored or posted by | February 20, 2017
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Picture of Richie Allen and Dr Graham Downing

In this interesting video, Dr Graham Downing shares some very important information about how vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs and certain technologies are being used to prepare babies and the rest of the human race to accept Transhumanism with little resistance. He also explains why Transhumanism is not the right path for the human race, because it destroys our natural human expression.

If you do not know what Transhumanism is, here is a brief explanation from

Put simply Transhumanism is the belief that technology can allow us to improve, enhance and overcome the limits of our biology. More specifically, transhumanists such as Max More, Natasha Vita-More and Ray Kurzweil believe that by merging man and machine via biotechnology, molecular nanotechnologies, and artificial intelligence, one day science will yield humans that have increased cognitive abilities, are physically stronger, emotionally more stable and have indefinite life-spans. This path, they say, will eventually lead to “posthuman” intelligent (augmented) beings far superior to man – a near embodiment of god.

Many supporters of Transhumanism support it because the technology created by transhumanist scientists can significantly expand their lifespan and make them nearly immune to disability. What these supporters do not innerstand is that replacing some of their body parts with machine parts will weaken their connection to Nature, the source of their life force energy. Once they replace enough of their body parts with machine parts, they will lose most of their human soul expression.

What you need to know about the life force energy of Nature is that it is needed to keep your soul intact. If you were to severely weaken your connection to this life force energy, you would spiritually “die” slowly. In other words, the consequence of severing your connection to the life force energy of Nature is the destruction of your soul identity.

The hidden agenda of the Transhumanism movement is to turn people into soulless and mindless cyborgs with no emotions and free will, allowing the Dark Forces to control them like remote control robots. Is it worth losing your freedom, creativity, emotions, free will and soul to live longer? That is a question for you to contemplate.

If you care about your children’s future and the future of the human race, you need to watch the following video.

Dr Graham Downing “Unborn Babies Being Prepared For AI & Transhumanism Through Vaccines & Medicine!”

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  1. Anabel says:

    The whole imaginings of the transhumanism movement is based on imaginings not science. The technology to end disability and somehow bypass death is not existent by the ways they say will do it.
    They have not expanded lifespan or made anyone immune to disability.
    That my friend is the sales pitch.
    Note that nowdays most people are already robotic.
    If you are not awakened you are identified with emotion/thought and controlled by dark forces of anger and fear.