Are You Ready for the New Paradigm?

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For thousands of years, spiritual teachers had been prophesying that the year 2012 was the year of the Great Awakening or the new paradigm shift. It looks like those spiritual teachers were right. The Great Awakening is giving us an opportunity to change our current paradigm. Depending on the decisions and actions of humanity, we will either continue the path of destruction and end up destroying ourselves, or change our course toward a path of enlightenment and become more connected to nature.

From listening to my intuition and observing the events that occurred in the past eight months, I’m glad to say that the light forces are starting to overpower the dark forces on our planet. If this continues, it will lead to a new paradigm shift that will free humanity from the control of the dark forces.

A shout out to all the light warriors

Today, I want to congratulate all the light warriors who stand up against the dark forces with integrity and courage even when they know that their lives can end at any moment. It takes tremendous courage to stand with the light and not lose hope while being surrounded by darkness. I know that being a light warrior is not easy, especially on a planet like Earth where most people are still asleep in a sense that they are not aware that there are dark forces trying to enslave their souls. What makes it even harder is that when you try to help people see the light, they look at you like you are crazy. Thank you, light warriors, for not giving up on the ignorance of humanity. Your courageous efforts will not go unnoticed.

The current paradigm is broken and needs to be replaced

The Great Awakening is starting to help us realize that many of the systems of the current paradigm are broken. In fact, they have been broken for many years. When I say the systems of the current paradigm, I’m talking about the systems that we rely on to function as a civilization, including but not limited to the financial, religious, political, educational, agricultural, technology, health care, and energy system.

We do not need to fear this change of systems because the new systems will be better. However, this new paradigm shift can only occur if we stop supporting the old paradigm and start supporting the new paradigm. If we do not let go of the old paradigm and change how we treat our beautiful blue planet, we will eventually destroy our planet to the point where it will not be able to support seven billion of us.

The Controllers and their New World Order (NWO) are desperately trying to cling to their controlling empire. As a result, they are going around creating tragic events to steer our attention away from them. One of their most recent tragic events is the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. This tragic event is a desperate move by the Controllers to make some money through donations and confiscate our guns with stricter gun control laws. If you have a hard time believing that the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy was engineered by the Controllers, read this shocking article because it contains visual proof that the shooting was known ahead of time.

The new paradigm shift will cause a lot of confusion

The new paradigm shift that is manifesting right in front of our eyes is going to bring a lot of positive changes to our lives. In the beginning, the changes will seem somewhat chaotic and unpredictable, causing confusion and fear among us. Once the new paradigm has enough support, it will bloom like a well-designed beautiful flower. Giving us hope and a clear vision of the future. The people who learn how to embrace this new paradigm shift will find a lot of comfort within it. The people who resist this change will go through a lot of grieving. Which one will you fall into?

Most of us may not sense the emergence of the new paradigm, but it should become obvious in the next few years even to people who are living in denial. One of the most obvious changes is the shift of power in the world financial system. There is a very good chance that the US will lose its control over the world financial system because its leaders have done a poor job managing it.

Most of the countries of the world are well aware of how corrupt the current world financial system is, which is why Russia, China, India, Japan, Brazil, and many other countries are joining forces in hope to create a new financial paradigm that is more transparent and not based off of fraudulent debt. You can read more about this new financial system at this website. Once this new financial paradigm is set up, if the US does not change its current financial system to flow with the new financial system, its economy will greatly suffer.

Is ascension still happening?

A lot of new age supporters believe that during the end of 2012, and soon after, many people and Earth will ascend to higher dimensions. Certain branches of religion refer to this event as the Rapture. The Rapture is the distorted version of ascension. Some religions tend to support that in order to ascend to Heaven, we need to be chosen by Creation (God).

The teaching that we need to be chosen by a divine being to ascend is the false god teachings of the Fallen Races and their minions. These fallen races are supporters of Death Science and are often very controlling.

Ascension is not only a spiritual concept taught by spiritual teachers. It is also a scientific process that utilizes the laws of energy mechanics to help beings evolve back to Creation in a multidimensional reality system, such as our time matrix. My current understanding of the ascension process is that it is not going to happen anytime soon, unless Earth is healed to a certain point.

The Controllers and their puppet masters (Fallen ET Races) have disrupted the natural ascension process to the point where it has slightly stalled it. They did this by using their Death Science technologies to cause major distortions to Earth’s energy grids and energy fields. Those distortions prevented the frequency of Earth to rise to the required level for ascension. The good news is that Earth is currently going through a healing process. Once she is healed to a certain point, the gift of ascension will be available to humanity again.

I know that there are a lot of new age supporters who believe that we are in the process of ascending to the fourth or fifth dimension. I would have to somewhat disagree on this. As of February 2013, I have not felt any strong feelings that support the idea that we are ascending to the fourth or fifth dimension. This does not mean that it may not happen in the very near future. I do, however, feel that we are moving to a reality plane of higher frequency. This may be why our DNA has been changing, and we are becoming more intuitive. Please keep in mind that moving to a whole new dimension is not the same as moving to a reality plane of higher frequency.

The process of moving to a reality plane of higher frequency is also causing us to become more awakened. As a result, the Controllers and their puppet masters (the Fallen ET Races) are starting to lose the power to control us because it is becoming harder for them to manipulate us.

The good news is that the Fallen Races did not achieve one of their greatest dark agendas, which is to use the December 2012 galactic alignment to cause major harm to our planet and steal its quantum energy. Another of their dark agenda is to use the higher dimensional energies to assist them in causing a pole shift or taking control of Earth’s star gates (chakras).

Below are some changes that should occur in the next few years. Please be aware that the changes are not set in stone and can only happen if we support the light forces and the true patriots who are standing up for our freedom.

Possible changes in the financial system

The current financial paradigm is unsustainable and will dramatically collapse unless we replace it with a better system. The current financial system is based on secrecy and the illusion of scarcity; giving us the illusion that there is not enough resource and wealth for everyone. It is designed to profit on debt and steal wealth from the people or the 99 percent, and give it to the banksters (high level bankers who are basically gangsters disguised in suits) who make up less than one percent of the world’s population.

A lot of the loan contracts of the current financial system are based on fraud, which is why people who know how to fight the system can free themselves from those loan contracts. A lot of the money that banks create to loan it to its customers is created out of thin air or profit that they made from stealing money from the public. In other words, a lot of the money is not legally owned by the banks. One of the most popular methods that the current financial system uses to steal wealth from the people is through inflation, which is nothing more than a hidden tax. Another popular method is through bank bailouts.

The current financial system is also destructive because it encourages companies to produce more than is needed to make as much profit as possible without thinking about the consequence of destroying nature. Unlike the current financial system, the new financial system is more of a resource based economy. In simpler terms, the new financial system will work with nature and people to create a system that replenishes itself with abundance. This will dramatically reduce poverty and crime and give us a better chance of achieving world peace.

Possible changes in the religious system

Certain religious paradigms will slowly become irrelevant in the new spiritual paradigm shift, because this paradigm shift will support the idea of living in harmony with nature. This means that our current view of us being separated from nature will eventually change into us being intertwined with nature. In other words, we will start to see nature as a part of us just like in the ancient times. Not everyone will follow this path but the majority will follow it.

As we become more connected to nature, we will also become more spiritual, and I’m not talking about the spirituality associated with religion. I’m talking about spirituality that combines sacred science and pure spirituality as one. These two concepts are never separated and are needed to keep our Universe in balance so it can exist. In addition, more people will replace the idea of worshiping an external Creation (God) with the idea of worshiping an internal Creation. In other words, we will one day realize that the true Creation exists within each of us; therefore, we are never separated from Its love. However, not everyone will take this path.

The current religious paradigm does contain a good amount of the truth but, at its core, it is a system designed to enslave our souls. This is why it teaches us to worship an external Creation. When we worship an external Creation, we are giving our powers away. This action disempowers us and puts us in a victim consciousness state. By putting us in this victim consciousness state, the Controllers can enslave our minds without our knowledge.

The current religious system teaches us that Creation is a pure being, but if we do bad things, It will judge and punish us. This teaching of the current religious system contradicts itself and is designed to provoke fear in us so that we can be controlled. Creation does not judge us, because if It were to judge, It would not be pure. Creation loves all of Its children equally just like how parents love their children even if their children are bad. We do not need to fear Creation because It is a loving being and is a part of us.

Possible changes in the political system

Like the current financial system, the current political paradigm is corrupt beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Many of our politicians, who are in office, are bought off by the Controllers. They do not work for us anymore because they are basically employees of the Controllers. Even though a lot of our politicians are bought off, some of them are starting to have a change of heart. To help more of them change their hearts, they need our support and we need to let them hear our voices.

The politicians who do not want to support our sovereignty and freedom need to be impeached as soon as possible so that they do not have the political power to destroy our lives and future. These types of politicians only care about themselves, their families, and their luxurious lifestyles. For these reasons, they do not show much remorse when we lose our jobs, wealth, and loved ones. This is one of the reasons why they never live up to their promises.

The levels of corruption in our current political system are so mind-boggling that if I were to tell you everything, you probably would not believe me. However, I will give you a taste of how corrupt our current political system is. Our current political system is so corrupt that it has allowed banksters to steal our money in the sum of trillions of dollars.

In the US alone, they stole over $15 plus trillions of American’s money. In addition, our current political system allowed banksters to buy our lands through fraud. As a result, many countries are owned and run by banksters and corporations. The good news is that the mass awakening is starting to counter their dark agendas, causing their controlling empires to fall apart. Once enough of us wake up, the right people in the right position will take the actions to stop the banksters from destroying our future.

Possible changes in the energy system

Most of us do not realize that we currently have the technologies to solve the so-called energy crisis. The energy crisis is nothing more than a hoax designed to control us. Right now we have the technology to harness the energy of water and magnets using water powered motors and magnetic motors. Even better, we have the technology to tap into the energy in space, such as zero-point technology (“free energy” technology). If you do not believe in “free energy” technology, visit this website and read its articles.

A lot of these alternative energies were available in the early 1900s, but the Controllers suppressed them by buying them off the market. The inventors who refused to sell their alternative energies were threatened or destroyed financially. Some were even thrown in prison by false accusations or assassinated. Why would they do such malicious acts you may ask? These types of alternative energies will free humanity from their control. This means that they will lose billions of dollars and power. The Controllers know that in order for them to control the world, they must control energy because humanity needs it the most to survive. If they can control energy, they can generate unlimited money to control the world.

Unfortunately for the Controllers, too many of us are awake and exposing their dark agendas; therefore, these alternative energies may soon become available to the public. Once this happens, I can assure you that our standard of living will dramatically increase and world poverty will be a thing in the past. If we want these alternative energies to emerge faster, we need to support the new paradigm shift instead of the old paradigm. In other words, start investing your money on companies that support alternative energies and stop investing your money on companies that support oil.

Possible changes in the technology system

The technologies that the Controllers have access to will make the average crowd drool in shock for days. Some of the technologies that they created in their secret black projects are as advanced as the technologies in the movie Star Trek. The Controllers have access to life extension technology, antigravity, “free energy,” scalar and energy beaming weapons, and even certain forms of teleportation devices. Some of these technologies created in black projects are centuries ahead of the technologies available to the public. A lot of UFO enthusiasts do not realize that many of the UFO sightings are actually advanced space craft created in secret black projects.

As the new paradigm shift strengthens and spreads throughout the world and humanity becomes freer, many of the technologies created in secret black projects will become available to the public. We could one day ride on antigravity vehicles or use teleportation devices. Imagine being able to teleport products or biological life forms to a desired destination, just like in Star Trek. How cool would that be?

Teleportation devices will dramatically change how we do business online. With the use of teleportation devices, we can order something online and receive it minutes later. Popular online stores, such as Amazon and eBay, will benefit tremendously with these teleportation devices.

Possible changes in the health care system

There are many amazing discoveries in the field of technology and energy that will revolutionize the health care paradigm. One of them is energy healing devices. Energy healing devices can heal “incurable diseases” and diagnose health conditions before they manifest into physical symptoms. They can do this by reading the energy signature of cells or stimulate the energies of cells to flow more in harmony with the body. Some very advanced energy healing devices can even stimulate the energies of atoms within the body back into a more harmonized state.

As the new paradigm shift emerges, it will motivate us to support holistic health more than conventional health. This means that a lot of pharmaceutical drugs will start to phase out and they will be replaced with natural medicines (e.g. herbs) and energy healing devices or techniques (e.g. acupuncture). However, we may still rely on certain drugs for emergency situations.

Are you ready for the new paradigm shift?

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