Are Many Celebrities Clones? Kanye Acting Like a Mindless Clone

Authored or posted by | August 7, 2016
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Picture of Kanye Clone

Since my spiritual awakening, I have come across a few articles talking about why many celebrities are clones, but did not think too much about them until I saw a YouTube video of Kanye West acting really strange during The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I am aware that the Elite have had access to cloning technology for decades and they have been cloning humans in secret underground bases for many years.

There is a really good possibility that many popular celebrities, professional athletes, politicians and religious leaders are clones. One of the main jobs of these clones is to distract you and prevent you from knowing the truth. What is truth? The truth is that the world does not work the way you have been conditioned to believe. The world (Earth) is caged in the Matrix, an artificial or virtual reality. In other words, we live in an artificial reality run by psychopaths.

While watching the short video below, use your intuition and critical thinking skills to discern the video, so that you can come to a wise conclusion.

Kanye Clone Meltdon on Ellen … Chip Malfunction

Do you still have a hard time believing that many celebrities may be clones? Here are some more videos to boggle your mind:

Amazing Look Inside Cloning Center With Real Duplicates of Celebrities

Johnnie Deep and Other Clones Breaking Down by Jairo Parra

For more shocking videos of human cloning, visit this link.

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