Are Aliens Real? Video “Proof” of Extraterrestrial Life

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Are aliens real? According to the whistleblowers in the videos in this article, aliens are real and governments throughout the world are covering up the evidence that proves extraterrestrial (ET) life exists. Since the mid-1900s, the evidence of ET life has been increasing. Unfortunately, a lot of the evidence isn’t clear enough and many of it is a hoax. Because many of the evidence of aliens is often a hoax, it has conditioned many people to believe that there is no truth to the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Why most of us have a hard time believing in aliens

Most of us have no problem believing in angels and demons, but yet when it comes to believing in aliens, we tend to think it is crazy. The main reason why most of us think that the idea of life in outer space is crazy is due to the fact that we have been conditioned by our authorities to think that way. Their psychological operations have worked like a charm, which is why most of us think that life can’t exist beyond Earth. For evidence that we have been “brainwashed,” read this empowering article.

Some of the most successful psychological operations were created or sponsored by the Vatican. For millennia, the leaders of the Vatican have been using religion to brainwash people to believe that aliens aren’t real. Unfortunately for these religious leaders, the awareness of ET life is reaching critical mass, causing their “mind control” techniques to lose their effects. Nowadays, the Vatican is admitting there is a strong possibility that aliens are real. You can read more about it at this website.

Why the Vatican is supporting the idea that ETs are real

Why is the Vatican starting to acknowledge that aliens could be real? One of the main reasons is because they don’t want to lose their credibility. Once they can’t coverup the truth anymore, they have to slowly condition people to accept the truth, so that they can control the information in a way that benefits them. By controlling how information flows, they can manipulate us, allowing them to continue their agenda of enslaving humanity. It is all about deceiving the public to blindly follow their so called “holy religion,” which is far from being holy.

Below are two hard to find videos that do a great job of exploring the ET phenomenon. One of the videos shows that life already exists in outer space because there are certain bacterias that can survive in outer space. I suggest watching the videos and decide for yourself if they contain good enough proof of extraterrestrial life. As always, use your critical thinking skills and intuition to help you discern the information in these two videos because it may not be 100 percent accurate.

For information about an alien specimen found in the desert, read this article.

Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary Full Uncut Version 2013

Interview with Victor, the Grey Alien footage Straight from Area 51

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