Archons, Sophia, and Gnosticism: Exploring the Origin of Humanity and How Life is Created in the Milky Way

Authored or posted by | May 31, 2016
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Picture of the Galactic CoreThe video in this article is an interesting video interview that explores the origin of humanity and how life is created in the Milky Way galaxy. The interviewee is John Lash, an author and researcher who is very knowledgeable in Gnosticism. Be aware that I do not agree with everything he said in the video. However, the knowledge he shared in the video is interesting and a good percentage of it relates well with the knowledge I teach on my two blogs. To learn more about John’s work, visit

Here is a short summary of the video from

John Last explores the “high strangeness” of the Gnostic materials, the strangest factor of all is certainly the presence of the Archons. Here we confront an enigma of cosmic proportions. Where do we situate these weird entities in the evolutionary plot of the Gaia Mythos? Are they to be regarded as real entities, a species in their own right, albeit a non-terrestrial one? What is their relation to Gaia, the intelligence of the biosphere? And how do the Archons in turn relate to humanity?

John Lash Archons, Sophia and Gnosticism

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