Anonymous’s Messages to the People of the World

Authored or posted by | June 26, 2016
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Picture of Anonymous - The World Needs YouAnonymous is a leaderless international network of activists and hacktivists who are mostly freedom lovers. Like any organization, Anonymous has its flaws; however, it is one of the most powerful organizations for informing people about corruption in the government. Be aware that Anonymous has many factions and many of them have been infiltrated by the alphabet agencies (e.g., CIA, NSA and FBI).

One thing I do not agree with Anonymous is the idea of using protest to create change for freedom. Protesting is not going to help the people of the world achieve true freedom. However, it can help increase awareness, which is important for restoring true freedom.

Here is an excerpt from my book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words that explains why protesting is not going to restore TRUE freedom:

Many people have been conditioned to think that protesting is the way to restore freedom or create beneficial change. The unwanted truth is that protesting is NOT going to really change anything for the better. When you join a protest and speak out against the government, what you are really doing is telling the government that you want change, but you want the government to do it for you. In other words, you are still an incompetent child who does not want to take full responsibility for your life and future. Without responsibility, there is no real freedom!

The government is a reflection of the people. When the people become irresponsible and do not know how to live in harmony with nature, their irresponsible thoughts and actions infect the government and supply it with an endless source of destructive energy. This causes the government to become destructive and tyrannical. In other words, one of the main sources of tyrannical government is us (the people). When the people are responsible, the government can not become tyrannical for the reason that tyranny can not flourish in a responsible society.

For the human race to truly be free, most human beings need to learn how to defend their natural rights, live in harmony with Natural Law (the Laws of Nature) and be responsible beings. Doing these things will make it possible for human beings to free themselves from the control of the Crown of England, The Crown Temple and the Vatican, which are corporations of the Matrix, a quantum computer generated reality. The Matrix is used by the Dark Forces to cage our bodies, minds and souls in false light realities. As long as the Matrix exists, the human race will NEVER be truly free.

If you do not know much about Anonymous, I recommend that you first watch the video below before watching the other videos.

Anonymous Documentary – The Story of the Anonymous Hacktivists

Anonymous – Dear Citizens of the World

Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of America

Anonymous – Message to All Gang Related Citizens

Anonymous – Message To Christmas Shoppers

Below is a very controversial video by Anonymous. I am aware of most of the claims made in the video. However, are they all true? That is for you to decide. It would be wise to watch the video and do your own research to verify its information before concluding that all of it is true or not true. Furthermore, be aware that the truth is stranger than fiction.


The concerns expressed in the message are really challenging.

In this anonymous message the following topics are discussed:

Underground alien bases, underground cities, Thomas Castello, Phil Schnieder, subterranean highways, sub-global system, and how the magnetic levitation is used to travel between underground locations.

The genetic experiments, advanced mind control, dream manipulation, human aura studies, and human cloning topics are also touched.

More information is presented about the NWO agenda for 2016, MK Ultra program, aliens living on our Planet, consciousness transfer, immortality, brain transplant, shape shifting.

Anonymous – We Know There Is Life on Other Planets

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