All Trading Halted On NYSE: Is this a Sign of the Next Financial Crisis?

Authored or posted by | July 9, 2015
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On the morning of July 8, 2015, the NYSE temporary suspended all stock trading. The mainstream media said that it was a “glitch” in the software, but I am sure there was more to the story than a software glitch. Could this be a software glitch or a sign that the Western economy is about to experience another economic crisis?





What the last tweet above shows is that shortly after the NYSE opened on the morning of July 8, 2015, its points were already dropping. It is a good possibility that this occurred because of the negative state of the European Union’s economy and the announcement that Greece was thinking about creating an alternative currency.

As described at

On Tuesday, Latvia’s central bank chief Ilmars Rimsevics called the introduction of a new currency in Greece the “most realistic scenario.”

The country is in its second week of capital controls and banks remain shut in the wake of a referendum which saw some 61% of Greeks vote against the terms of the latest bailout deal proposed by the troika.

Now, Germany has indicated that any new proposal will come with harsher terms to reflect the recent deterioration in the Greek economy. Furthermore, Berlin’s stance on debt writedowns for Greece (which the IMF deems necessary if Athens is to return to fiscal sustainability) has hardened, meaning it will now be exceptionally difficult for Tsipras to fulfill the implicit promise he made to his people when he campaigned for a referendum “no” vote.

Given all of this, it now appears increasingly likely that Greece will be forced to return to the drachma or will at least be compelled to issue some manner of scrip in the face of an acute cash shortage and a worsening credit crunch which together threaten to leave government employees in the lurch and cut off the flow of imported goods.

When I wrote my first edition of Staradigm in 2011, I mentioned that “the collapse of the fractional reserve banking system is imminent.” The reason why I said this was because after the 2008 economic crisis, the government did not take real actions to prevent banks from gambling with money and derivatives (toxic debts). Today, the economy is many times worse than what it was in 2008. Because of this, the next economic crisis (it is already happening in Europe) is going to be much worse than the 2008 economic crisis.

If you want to understand this financial drama at a very deep level and learn how to protect your wealth from the next economic crisis, I highly advise getting a copy of my second edition of Staradigm and read and study the information in chapter 6.

I have heard that they are planning to create another economic crisis sometime during the fourth quarter of this year (2015). Whether this is true or not is hard to say. However, it would be wise to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Stock Market Crashes Do Not Occur by Accident

Stock market crashes often do not happen by accident. Whenever a crash in the stock market occurs, a large portion of it is engineered by the International Banksters. These banksters can engineer stock market crashes because the stock market is rigged similar to a casino.

In one of my previous articles titled Is the New TV Show Mr. Robot Warning Us About the Next Financial Crisis?, I mentioned that this TV show may be trying to tell us that the International Banksters are planning to create another stock market crash similar to what they did during the Great Depression in the 1930s.

In the TV show Mr. Robot, a group of hackers had a plan to hack the largest financial company in the world. Their goal was to erase most of the electronic files that had information about the debts of the people.

My intuition is telling me that the International Banksters created this TV show to brainwash people, so that if the stock market does crash in the near future, they can blame it on certain groups of hackers and use this event as an excuse to control the Internet. What you need to know about stock market crashes is that they have always been engineered by the International Banksters.

The International Banksters are wealthy banking families who are members of certain secret societies. They are the leaders of the New World Order (NWO). One of the wealthiest banking families is the Rothschild family.

Mr. Robot: Official Trailer – New Series on USA

The mainstream media does not tell you the whole truth, so it is wise not to take the information in the following video too seriously. For proof that the mainstream media should not be trusted, read this empowering article titled How Mainstream Media Deceives You with Its Magic Tricks.

NYSE Halted Trading Due To A Technical Glitch

Some Great Solutions from the Republic of Texas for Surviving the Next Financial Crisis

More states should start standing up for their freedom and sovereignty like the people of Texas. The Republic of Texas is one of the most independent states in the USA. If the stock market does crash in the near future, it should not affect the people of Texas as much as the rest of the American people.

Since 2009, Texas has been creating their own “currency.” The video below shows that Texas has been creating their own silver coins and using them as money. I have heard that Texas has been thinking about leaving the Union called the United States of America.

What you need to know about currency is that it is not real money like gold and silver. The current U.S. dollar (currency) is not real money; instead, it is debt. It is not backed by gold anymore. This is why it is called “Federal Reserve Note.” A note is another name for debt!

The Federal Reserve system is the debt-based banking system that the International Banksters like to use to steal our wealth behind our backs. This process of stealing our wealth without our knowledge is known as inflation, which is a hidden tax on the public. This is one of the reasons why Texas wants to leave the Union (USA).

Republic of Texas (RT Documentary)


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