Alfred Webre and Kevin Annett Discuss the Police Raid on Child Trafficking Networks in the Vatican, Ndrangheta, Monarchies, and Cargill Corporation

Authored or posted by | Updated on | Published on September 28, 2014
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Alfred Webre and Kevin Annett are two brave and spiritually awaken people who are working hard to expose the dark agendas of the New World Order (NWO). I have been studying their work for more than a few years and haven’t found any strong evidence showing that they are agents of the NWO. Both of these individuals are at the forefront of a worldwide movement aimed to expose genocide, child trafficking, and human sacrificing networks in religious and government institution.

The video below will go more in depth about the police raid in Europe that freed 30 children and arrested over 1,000 criminals linked to child trafficking networks. We need to support people like Alfred Webre and Kevin Annett, so we can cleanse our religious, education, justice, political, and financial system of pedophiles and psychopaths. These criminal networks exist all over the world and are responsible for most of the genocides and wars on Earth.

The shocking truth about these criminal networks is that many of our top politicians and religious leaders are behind them and supporting them. If you want evidence of this, read this shocking article titled Exposing the New World Order Before the July 4th Weekend: WTF Happened to the Principles of Freedom and Liberty? The good news is that certain authorities are finally taking actions to bring these criminals and psychopaths to justice. With our support, there is no reason why they can’t succeed in dismantling the criminal network of the NWO.

Update (December 27, 2014): A note from the author

I recently heard that Kevin Annett could be a disinfomation agent of the Jesuits. I don’t have proof of this claim, so I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that he is. However, one of his website ( published an article threatening Alfred Webre and anyone who circulates this video of Alfred Webre interviewing Alex Hunter and Wa7tsek. This attack against Alfred Webre tells me that Kevin Annett may have a dark hidden agenda.

I advise that you use your intuition to help you discern Kevin Annett’s and Alfred Webre’s information and listen to both sides of their story before deciding which person is guilty of spreading false information. For Alfred Webre’s side of the story, watch this video. For Kevin Annett’s side of the story, listen to this interview.

Euro Police Joins ITCCS Take Down of Satanic Networks in Vatican, Monarchies, Cargill

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