Admiralty Law and How Words are Used to Control Humans

Authored or posted by | March 28, 2016
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Picture of Admiralty Law and Words

The following video is a great introduction to my upcoming book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words. This book should be available to purchase in April 2016. To see if it is available to purchase, visit this page.

In the video, Jordan Maxwell, one of the greatest researchers of occultism, law, and history, explains how powerful words are and why words are very effective for deceiving you. If you are interested in occult knowledge, I recommend studying the work of Jordan Maxwell. I have learned a lot of important knowledge from this man. His knowledge has expanded my mind to a whole new level of understanding. To learn more about his work, visit

Admiralty Law: Word Controlled Humans & The Law of Money – Jordan Maxwell

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