The 15 Dimensional Time Matrix, Stair Step Creation Process and Healing Stage of Earth

Authored or posted by | July 6, 2013
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Nebula( Holographic reality fields, the manifest realms of space time and matter, occur within a 15 dimensional energy structures called a time matrix. Time matrices in which manifest reality fields occur are part of a larger system that are specific to their occurrence which consists of 3 more 15 dimensional time matrices in which matter manifestation does not occur. These 3 time matrices are called the “Domains” that step the energy of Source down to allow the 15 dimensional manifestation structure to occur. These 3 non-manifest systems are called the Outer Domain, Middle Domain and Hub Domain.

Each of the 15 dimensions in a time matrix are called a frequency band as each frequency band carries a specific quantum of Source energy that allows it to carry its unique vibration and oscillation rate. Frequency bands 13, 14 and 15 of the time matrix structure are called the Light and Sound fields and matter manifestation does not occur within these frequency bands. These are conscious collective fields in which the conscious life forms play a role to allow creation for and hold the time matrix structure and everything that will manifest within dimensional levels 12 through 1.

There are an uncountable number of time matrix systems within Source, which Source creates eternally to allow Source to experience everything that Source thinks; experiencing the thoughts of Source through the illusion of individuation of ItSelf. You are a face of Source through which Source desires to know what it is like to express as you and so are all life forms within creation from the smallest to the largest of life forms that exist.

As the energy of Source steps down into smaller groups of conscious energy, it allows Source to create smaller individuated life forms of experience within ItSelf. The energy of Source steps down the exact same way throughout all of creation. In 15 dimensional structures, such as a time matrix or your personal energetic system, the energy of Source steps down in quantum of energy from the 15th dimensional level to the 1st dimensional level.

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